Fastest Way to Get Ready for MOP Heroics

So you’ve just hit level 90 and you go to queue up for a MOP Random Heroic since that’s what you need to do in order to get better get, get valor points, and get ready for raid.  Everyone wants to hit item level 460 because then they can start doing the first two raids in the Looking For Raid Finder.

But when you go to queue up it says your item level isn’t high enough.  If you were questing in Dread Wastes when you reached level 90 you should be over the Item Level 435 requirement, but what if you grinded or didn’t make it that far and still hit level 90?

Well lucky for you there is a cheap solution to get over Item Level 435.  Blizzard has left us with a loophole in starting PVP gear which comes equipped with PVE stats on them as well.  There’s a set for every class and armor type.

They are called Contender’s Armor Sets and they are usually sold relatively cheap on the auction house.

So when you hit level 90 just go ahead and run to the auction house and get a few pieces so you meet the requirements.

Here are the Contender’s Shoulders for Leather Casters.

Contenders Armor To Get Ready for Heroics



Your other options are to go to the Adventuring Supplies merchant on the big wall near Dread Wastes who has Item Level 404 gear, this can help you upgrade some of those pathetic slots.

On the auction house if you search you can usually pick up some rare item level 450 rings for relatively cheap as well.

To date I have 14 level 90s and this is how I’ve prepared with each and everyone so happy heroic’ing!


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