Golden Lotus Rep Guide


The Golden Lotus reputation is in the MOP expansion that you are able to start working once you get into Vale of Eternal Blossoms. The questline for opening this zone starts in Kun-Lai Summit by completing the quest line that involves the Temple of the White Tiger where you need to defeat three trials otherwise most of the Zone will be phased out to you.

Now why grind this faction???? Simple because you can get a new mount at Exlated!!

Reins of the Azure Riding Crane
Reins of the Regal Riding Crane
Reins of the Golden Riding Crane

No but seriously there are a few things that this faction is good for besides mounts depending on your level of Reputation.

Honored-Some ilvl 458 justice gear which are upgrades for some along with a neat trinketĀ Mogu Rune of Paralysis along with some Profession Patterns for tailoring and leatherworking.

Revered-This is where if you have the Valor points you can get EPICS ilvl 489!

Exalted-Mounts and tabard of course like most all factions in MOP now

If you want to see all the Golden Lotus Rewards check out the quartermaster Jaluu the Generous Golden Lotus Quartermaster

Now for the not so fun part! You want all these cool items and mounts however you need to get your faction up in order to do so. How you say ……..oh ya DAILY QUEST GRIND!

Once you complete the beginning questline within Vale of Eternal Blossoms it will bring you to The Golden Pagoda which is in the middle of the zone and the first hub of daily quest pick ups. As your faction increases you will get more and more daily quests to do each day to help you gain rep faster.

Places you will be doing the daily quests at are:
The Golden Stair
Mistfall Village
Ruins of Guo-Lai
Setting Sun Garrison
Whiptail Lake

You have to do the quest lines in order to do each area. Simply stating you will ALWAYS start at The Golden Pagoda each day and upon completing each area of dailies it will give you a new daily quest that brings you to the next area if you faction is high enough to move on.

If your repuation level is not enough to move onto the next area you will get a final quest for the day that gives you a named to kill and reward Treasures of the Vale aka gold is in the box.

Final note:
At each reputation level a one-time quest series opens up that gives a decent reward and more +reputation.
At Honored-! The Secrets of Guo-Lai
At Revered-! Battle Axe of the Thunder King
At Exalted-This is a little different as you will have a questline that you deal with Zhao-Jin the Bloodletter and then go from there. This leads to a reward of ilvl 489 necklace which is awesome for any of the classes.

So now everyones question is HOW LONG TILL I AM EXALTED???

This is how much rep you get per day.

From friendly to honored:
Without reputation buffs: 1000
With either guild perk or human racial: 1100
With both reputation buffs: 1200

From honored to revered:
Without reputation buffs: 1500
With either guild perk or human racial: 1650
With both reputation buffs: 1800

From revered to exalted:
Without reputation buffs: 1700
With either guild perk or human racial: 1870
With both reputation buffs: 2040

Human racial: Diplomacy
Guild perk: Mr. Popularity

Depending on what your working with it can vary. Currently I am Revered on two players one is a human and the other is a worgen. I estimate with no reputation buffs about 23-25 days.

Enjoy happy daily quest grindage to you!

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