Hottest Grandma Alive That Plays World of Warcraft?

This is a little off topic but might be fun for some of you who are bored today, but this is an actual Grandma that plays World of Warcraft.

She is featured by Hayden Hawke on banners for the Secret Gold Guide with the claim that she made 100,000 gold her first week of using the guide.

I took it upon myself to investigate this claim and Hayden Hawke introduced me to her.  Her name is Veronica, and I was able to screen share with her through skype where she logged into her accounts and showed me all the gold she has earned.

She may very well be richer than Hayden Hawke herself at this point but the purpose of this poll is completely unrelated.

Veronica is a 36 year old grandma and mother of 5 that plays World of Warcraft in her spare time.  Today I’m creating a poll for something that probably doesn’t exist just for our entertainment.

Is this the hottest Grandma to play World of Warcraft or what?  You decide (click for bigger image):

Hottest Grandma Alive


Rate Her 1-10, Hottest Grandma Alive That Plays World of Warcraft or Not?

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