Resurrection Sickness is Ridiculous

Has anyone figured out the point of Resurrection Sickness yet?  It’s been in the game for as long as I can remember.  You get a 75% decrease in all stats and damage caused.  Why was this mechanic ever necessary?

Some people say it’s because people would just die and resurrect themselves at the graveyard to get to places quicker.  Ok???  How does a decrease in damage and stats stop someone from travelling faster?  All that does is make the character ineffective for 10 minutes.  In the mean time, it causes people to either go afk or get killed over and over again.

Most people that use the graveyard do so because they were having a hard time with the area they were in or because they can’t get back to it.  The penalty for resurrecting is ridiculous.

The debuff should be removed completely or the sickness shouldn’t be more than 10% and if you’re afraid of people abusing it somehow make the debuff stackable, but I fail to see how anyone can benefit from it.

Even if you run into a zone that’s say too high for you and you res at the graveyard and get ported across the map, you still have to finish running to where you were going, no one is trying to get to a graveyard and that task would still be impossible.

Then there are people who join instance groups with resurrection sickness and make the group have to wait ten minutes for them to either do damage or tank.  If the sickness is going to exist why would it let people queue for dungeons with it on?

Let’s face it.  Resurrection sickness is a game mechanic that never really had a point and really never did anything except piss a lot of people off.  It needs to be removed.

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