The Benefits of Bots in World of Warcraft

Botting is usually frowned upon by gaming communities.  While people hate bots for unfair advantages and other unknown reasons other than they think it’s cheating, most players don’t realize they receive benefits from bots even if they aren’t botting themselves.

A typical bot hater is genuinely a player that spends a lot of time in the game trying to get ahead of everyone else.  These players may be manually farming, leveling characters in mass, or just spending a lot of time doing repetitive things.  In their own minds they feel that they’ve earned their spot in games that allows them to be better than other players.

They are the most active in communities and the most outspoken opponents of bots.  These players make up a very very small percentage of total players.  Take World of Warcraft for example, when Cataclysm was released they actually tracked play time by account.

Would it surprise you to learn that 10% of the players make up over 50% of the total playtime for World of Warcraft?

These 10% of the players are the majority of the ones that will complain about bots, even though they are a minority in the game.  For comparison purposes, we’ll refer to them as the top 10%.  If we break down that 10%, only about 2% of them is indisputably farther ahead and richer than everyone else in the game.

So the reality is, even inside of World of Warcraft, which has it’s own economy, the ultra greedy rich exist.  We’ll call them the top 2% earners, the greedy, the wealthy, and the ultra rich just so we understand them and their motives.

Bots do not threaten the other 98% of World of Warcraft players, in fact, quite the opposite is true.   While people refer to botters as greedy individuals trying to gain an unfair advantage, their wrong.  Botters are just like Robin Hood, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.

The reality is the people mainly against botting are just as greedy as the botters.  Bot’s threaten to take away the advantage that these rich, greedy, jobless players have over regular players.

  1. Bots create more supply which drops market prices making all items more affordable to average players
  2. Bots level characters up and these are often sold to other players for a really cheap price, players that don’t have time to get max level but still want to enjoy that content.  This also allows for more groups, more guilds, and more raids.
  3. Bots stop these greedy players from controlling markets, which stops them from price gouging you on epic or even regular gear.
  4. Cheap ingredients through Bots help other players level professions which means more epic gear available, which takes away more power of the greedy rich WoW players
  5. Bots can mass farm items that no one else wants to because it’s not worth their time, making these otherwise unavailable items, available for everyone

You see, people that complain about botting are like the rich people complaining about taxes.  Even though these rich people in real life take advantage of workers that don’t have a choice and avoid paying taxes, they use their money and influence on government to keep taxes lower on them and higher on the average hard working American.

These greedy players in World of Warcraft are just like the people that complain about high taxes.  They have plenty to give and don’t want you to get any of it.  They take advantage of the average players with price gouging and they try to hold you back from progressing in game.  They control World of Warcraft like the rich control the poor and middle class.

Bots are our saviors, not our enemies.  Don’t let those greedy people in World of Warcraft convince you that botting is bad, because they aren’t.  Bots are only bad for those greedy people because it cuts into their profits.

I applaud places like WoW Schools finally coming to their senses and teaching people how to Bot and Not Get Caught.

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