WoW Blacksmithing Guide 1-600 – Using Just Ghost Iron Bars

You can now power level your Blacksmithing to 600 only using Ghost Iron Bars!

Yes, it will be expensive if you buy all of these ingredients off the auction house, but if you’re just looking to get to 600 quick you can probably farm the Ghost Iron Bars pretty quickly.

You don’t have to just use Ghost Iron Bars to level, you can use Ghost Iron Bars when it makes sense to do so and you can swap steps with the Classic Blacksmithing Guide.  No matter which guide you’re using you’ll be able to hop back into either at any step along the way.

Farming Ghost Iron Bars

Use the Jade Forest Route in our Mining Leveling Guide to farm Ghost Iron Bars.  If you need to farm some of the other ingredients for the Classic Guide, then use our Classic Mining Guide.

Level Requirements

In order to increase your skill you will still have to go to a Blacksmithing Trainer every 75 skill levels, he are the character level requirements.

  • Beyond 75, Level 10
  • Beyond 150, Level 20
  • Beyond 225, Level 35
  • Beyond 300, Level 50
  • Beyond 375, Level 65
  • Beyond 450, Level 75
  • Beyond 525, Level 80

Blacksmithing 575-600

For this step you can make any piece of Contender Armor you wish or go ahead and stay making greens you already have available.  If you choose Contender Armor, keep in mind any piece that requires 7 Ghost Iron Bars will raise your skill level by 3 each attempt, any that requires 12 Ghost Iron Bars will raise your skill by 5.

Skill LevelNameCraftGhost Iron Bars
Total Ghost Iron Bars4647
1-21Ghost Iron Pins22
21-63Simple Eating Utensils612
63-73Ghost Iron Wok230
73-88Ghost Iron Ladle312
88-123Ghost Iron Poker7140
123-138Ghost Iron Hook327
138-153Ghost Iron Spatulas345
153-188Decorative Spoons7140
188-200Ghost Iron Spade6150
200-210Ghost Iron Needles22
210-235Ghost Iron Barrel5175
235-250Ghost Iron Saw5150
250-260Ghost Iron Wire22
260-290Ghost Iron Pot15450
290-300Ghost Iron Cups5200
300-330Ghost Iron Bowls6390
330-350Ghost Iron Bells5450
350-380Ghost Iron Crate6300
380-425Ghost Iron Picks9900
425-460Ghost Iron Frames7525
460-490Ghost Iron Pans6150
490-500Ghost Iron Statue2160
500-501Ghost Skeleton Key11
501-526Ghost-Forged Bracers525
526-535Ghost-Forged Belt321
535-544Ghost-Forged Boots321
544-549Lightsteel Shield19
549-559Spiritguard Shield218
559-569Ghost-Forged Helm224
569-575Ghost-Forged Shoulders856
575-600Contender's Spirit Breastplate560
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