Everquest Beginners Guide – Returning Players

This guide is written for players returning to game after a long absence or new players to the game that have some MMO experience. MMO experience might be necessary because I tell you to skip the tutorial. I wrote this after returning back to Everquest after 10 years of break. The game was so unfamiliar and somewhat changed that I had no idea what was going on and got mad a few times. Continue reading

Blizzard Confirms New Anti-Botting Software Set to Run in Future

bots aren't fair

Blizzard announced a smart software that could render World of Warcraft bots useless. Instead of investigating player reports or monitoring logs to catch botters; Blizzard has decided to take a new approach to botting in World of Warcraft.

Over the years botting has become a serious problem for Blizzard resulting in massive support tickets and lots of subscriber cancellations. As of today the majority of their employees are now GMs or work in the support department.

The culprit? Continue reading

Level 1 Twink Items for Power Leveling in Everquest

everquest train


One of the funnest things to do in Everquest is to twink an alt or power level a character. While most of the time gear isn’t really necessary, some of this twink gear below can last as far as level 60 before you need to upgrade.

Best of all, these items don’t bind to your character so you can just trade them or sell them when you are done.

In addition to these items you can find on the auction house, you also have the option of farming anything from Luclin and prior. So if you’d like to head to Umbral Plains or Temple of Veeshan or Ssra to loot raid or epic no drop boss items, be my guest, there are no level requirements.

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The Benefits of Bots in World of Warcraft

Greedy players in wow against bots

Botting is usually frowned upon by gaming communities.  While people hate bots for unfair advantages and other unknown reasons other than they think it’s cheating, most players don’t realize they receive benefits from bots even if they aren’t botting themselves.

A typical bot hater is genuinely a player that spends a lot of time in the game trying to get ahead of everyone else.  These players may be manually farming, leveling characters in mass, or just spending a lot of time doing repetitive things.  In their own minds they feel that they’ve earned their spot in games that allows them to be better than other players. Continue reading

Best Timeless Isle Guide – Rare Elites, Timeless Shrines, and Treasure Chests

rare elites on timeless isle

So I haven’t had as much time to put into the site as I should have lately because of life.  I didn’t get a chance to try out patch 5.4 in the beta so like everyone else I had to try to figure things out on patch day.

Mainly everyone on Timeless Isle is running around killing rare elites all day, finding treasure chests, or doing the quest line and finding Timeless Shrines Continue reading

Treasure Chest Locations on Timeless Isle

The following chests are lootable once per week per character.

weekly timeless isle treasure chests

The following locations for treasure chests are lootable only once per character.

treasure chests timeless isle once per week

Rare Elites Spawn Locations on Timeless Isle

timeless isle rare spawns


Here are the locations of most of the Rare Elites you’ll need to complete the quest Strong Enough To Survive.


All you need to do is hit the mobs once before they die and you’ll get credit.


“Fat” Guild Loses 103 Pounds in a Week To Raise Obesity Awareness

A 10 man guild on Andorhal that was comprised of many overweight guildies decided to take a stand against obesity and do something to become part of the solution, not the problem facing this growing epidemic in America.

Almost 3/4 people in the United States are considered overweight or obese and along with this condition comes all of the chronic preventable diseases that are stressing Americas medical system and causing tax payers lot of money in healthcare costs. Continue reading

Fastest Way to Get Item Level 480 for Throne of Thunder Raids

Being a power leveler I’ve had to find ways to get ready for Heroic Instances and Raids as fast as possible.  Blizzard has made this job extremely easy over time.  Now PvP gear comes equipped with PvE stats it is somewhat usable in the raids and also can increase your item level to get you there.

So there are three things to focus on to get yourself to item level 480 and into the Throne of Thunder Raids.

  1. Item Level 476 Malevolent PvP gear + 493 Conquest Pieces
  2. Valor points from running Heroics, Dailies, and any raids you can get into, so that you can buy reputation gear from the vendors which is typically 489+ in item level
  3. Making gold to buy BoE epics from the Auction House Continue reading