Best Barbarian PvP Build – Barbarian PvP

We are going to talk about Barbarian Player Verse Player.  For those of you interested in killing other players in the game you’re in the right spot.

Tank PvP

This build is designed to be played on a team.  You get a lot of stuns and snares and essentially harass the other players. Continue reading

Best Barbarian Tank Build – Barbarian Tanking

In this post we’ll cover the Best Barbarian Tank Builds for those of you who want to take damage with your Barbarian.  Almost always you’ll use a 1 handed weapon plus a shield or sword and board as they call it to maximize your survivability. Continue reading

Barbarian: Should I Use a 2H, 1H and a Shield, or Dual Wield?

The answer is probably easy but we’ll take a shot at it anyways.

For boss fights or rare enemies you will probably want a 1H and a Shield. I’ve also used a one handed weapon and a shield when I run out of potions and I’m lazy or when I am fighting large groups of enemies that are around the same difficulty as me. Continue reading