Fastest Way to Get Item Level 480 for Throne of Thunder Raids

Being a power leveler I’ve had to find ways to get ready for Heroic Instances and Raids as fast as possible.  Blizzard has made this job extremely easy over time.  Now PvP gear comes equipped with PvE stats it is somewhat usable in the raids and also can increase your item level to get you there.

So there are three things to focus on to get yourself to item level 480 and into the Throne of Thunder Raids.

  1. Item Level 476 Malevolent PvP gear + 493 Conquest Pieces
  2. Valor points from running Heroics, Dailies, and any raids you can get into, so that you can buy reputation gear from the vendors which is typically 489+ in item level
  3. Making gold to buy BoE epics from the Auction House Continue reading

Kiron-Tor Offensive and Sunreaver Onslaught Reputation Guide

Isle of Thunder

These factions were added in patch 5.2 as part of an Isle of Thunder War effort.  They center around an array of daily quests that are phased in a similar style of the Isle of Quel’Danas from The Burning Crusade.

As you complete daily PvP and PvE quests you will be pushing your server-wide effort closer to unlocking the next stage.

To get to the Isle of Thunder take the portal from the Shrine of the Two Moons or Shrine of the Seven Stars located near the Dalaran Portal.

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Shado-Pan Assault Reputation Guide

This reputation is only gained by killing bosses in the Throne of Thunder.

The rewards are all item level 522 and will require valor points plus reputation level to purchase.  You will have access to the following items at each reputation level. Continue reading

Klaxxi Reputation Farming – Fastest Way to Max Klaxxi Reputation

This post isn’t about doing the Klaxxi dailies in Dread Wastes, although you should do those as much as possible.  This post is about getting your Klaxxi reputation to Exalted as fast as humanly possible.

In Patch 5.1 the repeatable quest Seeds of Fear had its requirement of 20 Dread Amber Shards reduced down to 5 Dread Amber Shards.  This makes it a viable way to farm Klaxxi reputation.

Dread Amber Shards drop off enemies in Dread Wastes and they average anywhere from a 5-10% drop rate.  Given the right location, with the right gear, and the right skills; you could earn over 500 Klaxxi reputation an hour. Continue reading

The Hidden Secret Daily Klaxxi Quest

The Hidden Secret Daily Klaxxi Quest

As most of us have fought our way through dailies trying to get rep in order to buy our Ilvl 489 gear via valor points or simply to get a new MOP mount we find it takes weeks! Well with the Klaxxi rep in Dread Wastes there is a Hidden daily Continue reading

The Lorewalkers Red Flying Cloud Mount Guide

The Lorewalkers Red Flying Cloud Mount Guide

You want a new flying mount well here it is all laid out for you and very simple to get! If you are 90 already and have a flying mount this is a walk in the park and will take you like 45 minutes. Continue reading

MOP Justice/Valor Point Vendors and MOP Quartermasters

MOP Justice Point Vendors and MOP Faction Reward Vendors

I don’t know if anyone else has ran into this issue but I have been looking everywhere for the MOP reputation quartermasters to see which faction I need to work on to get what. So since I couldn’t find a place that did it all in one spot for me I bring you this. Continue reading

Golden Lotus Rep Guide


The Golden Lotus reputation is in the MOP expansion that you are able to start working once you get into Vale of Eternal Blossoms. The questline for opening this zone starts in Kun-Lai Summit by completing the quest line that involves the Temple of the White Tiger where you need to defeat three trials otherwise most of the Zone will be phased out to you.

Now why grind this faction???? Simple because Continue reading