Best Barbarian Leveling Build – Barbarian Farming Build

2 Handed Leveling Build

Click the link above to go to the exact build.  This build focuses on total decimation of everything in the vicinity.  Things will die so fast you won’t really need to do anything but stay alive.  Start of by leaping in to battle, cleave the crap out of them, and whirlwind until they are gone.  Lifesteal should keep you up.

Area of Effect / Critical Strike Build

This build will give you +45 percent crit chance.  You’ll want to use a mace or axe.  Leap, revenge and overpower, then whirlwind to kill and restore life.

Barbarian Inferno Build

The name says it all.  The key to inferno mode is staying a live, therefore, you cannot have too many damage abilities.  You need a lot of health regen and the ability to ranged attack things.  Start off with WC then do BR before you get into the fight, keep the heal from frenzy up, and TS when needed.  Make sure you Whirlwind at full rage.

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