Best Barbarian PvP Build – Barbarian PvP

We are going to talk about Barbarian Player Verse Player.  For those of you interested in killing other players in the game you’re in the right spot.

Tank PvP

This build is designed to be played on a team.  You get a lot of stuns and snares and essentially harass the other players.  Disrupting spell casting and just pissing them off mainly.  You’ll have the survivability to make an annoying impact on team match-ups for sure.

Stun-Lock Barb with Regen

Similar to the above build this one is also tankly, you’ll have all the capacity to stun and snare the crap out of people but instead of mitigating the damage you’ll get some health regen out of this build.

PvP Frenzy

Screw trying to tank stuff with this build.  Basically you’re going to go apeshit on players with frenzy.  The key features of this is lots of damage.  You can AoE Stun, move fast, and attack fast.  Lots of Critical Strikes.

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