Best Barbarian Tank Build – Barbarian Tanking

In this post we’ll cover the Best Barbarian Tank Builds for those of you who want to take damage with your Barbarian.  Almost always you’ll use a 1 handed weapon plus a shield or sword and board as they call it to maximize your survivability.

Nothing But Tanking

There’s nothing special in this build except it makes you the ultimate tank.  Its calls for maximum mitigation and damage reduction, and that’s what you get in this build.

Survivability with Damage Output

 This tank build is designed for survivability plus damage so you can take down enemies as well.  It’s a good mixture of both.  This is a great build in case you play with others where you need to tank but also play solo and don’t want to keep reconfiguring yourself.

Regen Tank

This build focuses on regenerating health as quickly as possible.  Lots of AoE Damage is included.  Instead of mitigating the damage you’ll take it head on and rely on your replenishment and regeneration to make up for it.  This allows you take dish out more damage and clear things faster.

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