How to Trade Gold Between Characters in Diablo 3

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Trading Gold Between Your Own Characters

Trading or accessing gold between the characters on your own account is extremely easy.  All of the gold you have on all characters is accessible through your stash.  Basically your gold is shared on all characters so that the amount you have on one character is the amount you have on all, meaning it’s all the same.  This means that there really isn’t a way to trade gold between your characters because they all have access to the same gold.  This makes it easy to buy things and to do things across your account but some players might find it annoying that there is no separation because characters like there is in other games such as World of Warcraft.

If you want to trade items between your characters look no further than your stash.  Any items you’d like to share with all the other characters on your account can be shared simply by placing them in the stash.  When you login on any other character and check the stash you will find any and all items placed there by any and all characters on your account.  Again, some players find this extremely convenient and easy to use, it means that you don’t need to do any time consuming trades or mail (Diablo 3 doesn’t have a mail system so this is hypothetical) items across various accounts.  On the other hand, other players wish for a mail system or separate stashes so that they had more space without having to pay for more tabs of space.

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Important: Click Here to get a FREE Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Strategy Guide.