How to Assign a Bodyguard from Your Barracks

So you’ve selected a Barracks for your Large Building plot and you’re looking to give yourself a bodyguard to help finish off the grind from level 98 to 100 or to help you farm areas of Draenor.

At level 98 after skipping Spires of Arak I noticed a huge slow down in my killing speed when I moved into Nagrand because my gear wasn’t up to par.  After establishing my Garrison in Nagrand I was rewarded with a Comprehensive Outpost Construction Guide.  This allows me to save gold and go to a Blue Prints Vendor in Stormshield (Alliance) or Warspear (Horde) where you can use this construction guide to upgrade your Barracks among many other buildings.

You can also purchase this upgrade for 1500 Gold from the blue prints vendor right in your Garrison.

You must have a Nagrand Outpost or be Level 100 to upgrade your Barracks to Level 2.

After you’ve upgraded your Barracks simply  go to your Architect Table.

Garrison Architect Table

Find and click on your Barracks.

Find your Barracks

There is a big plus sign next to the description in the top that says click to assign a follower, click that.

pick a follower

This brings up a select follower section on the left so that you can choose from the available followers with the traits for that building.  You can see I only have one follower at this point that can be assigned to the Barracks.  Click on that follower and it will add them to the Barracks.

Select a follower

pick a follower

The next thing you do is head over to your Barracks and find the follower there that you’ve assigned sitting out front.  Talk to them and and you can make it so they’ll join you.

bodyguard joining party


You get three levels of reputation with your follower each one requires 10,000 reputation.  You get reputation by having her with you while killing enemies etc.  Each level unlocks new things from your bodyguard.

Follower Friendship Reputation Level

If your bodyguard dies…

If your bodyguard ends up dying you will have to ask her to join you again at your barracks but there is a 1 hour cooldown before you can do that so be careful not to let her die.

Followers and their Abilities



Talonpriest Ishaal:



Aeda Brightdawn:

  • Basic Ability: Tanking demonology warlock.
  • Level 2: Aeda Ability: Summon Infernal: Summons a Infernal from the Twisting Nether, impacting for (100% of Spell power) Fire damage and stunning all enemy targets in the area for 2 sec. The Infernal will serve under your command for 1 min.
  • Level 3: Aeda Perk: Ritual of Summoning: Summon party or raid member to your location.
  • Source: The True Path, fight the gatekeepers of Auchindoun.

Defender Illona:

Summary of Steps

  1. Have a Nagrand Outpost (level 98) or be level 100
  2. Purchase Level 2 Barracks Blue Print and upgrade Barracks
  3. Go to Architect Table and assign a follower to Barracks
  4. Go to Barracks find follower and ask them to join you


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