Best Ezreal Blue Build

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When I first started playing Ezreal I couldn’t figure out why he was so popular because he is god awful in early game if you follow a standard Bloodthirster or Blade of the Ruined King Build.  He quickly depletes his mana while laning, can’t kill minions at all, and is easily assassinated by almost any enemy champion.

In the end game he can put out a lot of burst damage but honestly in playing blind pick unranked matchups most games barely last 30 minutes.  I found myself unable to finish most of the builds to really see what Ezreal was capable of.

So I found a way for Ezreal to be really good throughout the entire game and gave up on the traditional ADC builds.

I stumbled upon something called the Blue Build which is becoming a really popular build for Ezreal but all of the top rated ones I found online had serious flaws that didn’t deal with Ezreals mana problems so I had to make my own.

Blue Build Strategy

The key to the Blue Build is to develop a very strong early game, not just towards enemy champions but towards minions while laning.  Since Ezreal requires a lot of farm to get the items he needs to be good the first two items I always get are Spirit of the Elder Lizard and Iceborn Gauntlets.

Spirit of the Elder Lizard has mana and health regen built into it and also adds cooldown reduction and a neat damage over time that lands on every enemy you hit.  This helps get last kills while laning.  Iceborn Gauntlets add mana, cooldown reduction, and give you a neat aoe slow that does damage and hits frequently while attacking.

These two effects combined make it so Ezreal can destroy enemies relatively quickly.  The best part about it is the burn from lizard is triggered from your skills that are reduced in cooldown so they are almost always up.  Trueshot Barrage gets down below 50 second cooldown so you can fire it whenever it’s up.  Imagine sending a Trueshot Barrage from your base straight down the center to the enemies base to hit nothing but minions.  As it passes through minions they get hit with heavy damage and a burn is applied to all of them and they die.  It’s free gold farming at it’s finest.

This also gives you a very strong early game against enemy champions.  You can spam your abilities nonstop almost.

Where the Blue Build lacks is end game damage so what you need to do at the end game is sell your Lizard for a Bloodthirster and we solve that problem immediately.

Best Blue Build Item Order

For some reason a lot of the “popular builds” didn’t address severe mana and laning issues that Ezreal have and I saw a lot of them recommend Boots of Lucidity to start which has movement and a cooldown reduction…what good is a cool down reduction if you have no mana???

Here is the best way to build Ezreal.

Best Ezreal Blue Build Order


Best Ezreal Abilities

This ability to max first is your Q, after that you can choose between W and E, I like to split them up but some people like to max either or depending on what they are doing.  W can be used to harass enemy champions and E can be used to teleport and cause damage on them.  Choice is yours.

Best Ezreal Abilities


Ezreal Runes, Masteries, and Starting Spells

I always play with teleport and flash because I do a lot of teleporting with all of my champions but for finishing enemy champions off at the start ignite is probably better.

Your masteries will be standard ADC masteries building attack damage in the offensive tree and your runes will be what you want, usually a mixture of attack damage, magic resist, and armor.


Ezreal can be very difficult to play because he’s squishy but with this build he will be really fun and exciting to play.  Being able to spam your abilities and cause burst damage is really fun, just don’t hang around in fights too long because if they focus you, there’s a slim chance you’ll get away.