Best guide for Vladimir in Top Lane Season 3

Vladimir Cover Art

Vladimir is one of the strongest AP top’s out there. With is ranged attacks and infinite sustain, he has good potential to be a carry for your team. In this guide, I will show you how to build and utilize Vladimir’s kit to make him as strong as possible.





Summoner Spells

Summoner SpellsGhost and ignite are probably the two best summoner spells for Vladimir, Ghost allows you to keep with a fleeing enemy and continue to cast spells on them. Ignite, will help you burst down your opponent for a certain death.








This is the most viable mastery tree for Vladimir to have. Getting 21 points in the utility tree gives Vladimir that extra move speed that he benefits from greatly. Vladimir has his pool, but other than that he has no good means of an escape or initiate. If Vladimir is just overall faster than his opponents it will allow him to chase down who he needs to kill or escape from incoming damage.




Since Vladimir can gain health and AP passively, it is best if you use his runes to give him more needed movement speed and penetration. I go hybrid penetration for the late game damage Vladimir will be doing.




Passive Ability


Vladimir’s passive allows him to get tanky into the late game. You don’t have to sacrifice building damage by building health items. You also passively gain health by building damage.


Q Ability

Q ability


This is Vladimir’s main early harass spell and healing spell. This spell allows Vladimir to stay in lane forever basically. You can spam this spell every time it is available to keep healing yourself when you trade in lane.


W Ability

W ability


Sanguine Pool is a great ability for Vladimir, while you are in it you can’t be targeted or hit with any spells. It also heals you for a percentage while you are in it. It is a great spell to use in team fights when you are getting heavily focused by the enemy. Be careful not to use this spell to quick. Since it is Vladimir’s only source of avoiding damage enemies try to bait it out and then all in you right when you come up from it. It is a good spell to use under turret if you are being dived on.

E Ability

E ability


This is what makes Vladimir a crazy mage. With this spell, Vladimir can have stacks that increase all of his healing and regeneration stats. Stacking it will also increase the damage that Tides of Blood will deal. It costs health to use so spamming it around nothing is not a great idea. It is good to try and keep at max stacks as much as you can. When you get into fights, being at max stacks could end up saving your life.



R Ability

R ability


Hemoplague is a great ultimate for duels and for teamfights. If you land a good Hemoplague and hit a lot of enemies, it causes them to take increased damage from everything for 5 seconds. The increased damage you do with your spells will also mean increased healing from all of the spells. A lot of the time enemies think they can escape you with little life and be ok, but after 5 seconds, an enemy infected with Hemoplague will take a huge chunk of damage that could easily end their life.

Ability Progression

Ability Progression

By maxing out Transfusion, you maximize your laning phase harass. This also allows you to never be bullied out of lane. You get a free spell that heals you. Maxing tides of blood next will help maximize all of your mid/late game damage with full stacks. You only need one tick in the pool until everything else is maxed. The pool is mainly for escaping damage, and protecting yourself for a couple seconds.

Item Build

Item Build


This is the best item build for Vladimir. It’s beneficial to start with the Hextech Revolver. The spell vamp stats will increase all of the damage and healing that your spells inflict. Spirit of the Spectral Wraith is a very cost efficient item to build on Vlad that grants great cool down reduction and and health regeneration which is Vlad’s only cost when using abilities. Building into Zhonya’s gives you a solid amount of armor and encourages you to be the person to take all the focus in a team fight. When a team focuses you, you can go into your Sanguine Pool and quickly jump in Zhonya’s when you pop out of the pool, doing that will keep you damage free for a full four seconds. Your enemies will stand around and wait for you to get out of Zhonya’s leaving your teammates free reign to massacre them. Spirit Visage is an item that is made for Vladimir. You get insane health regeneration and 20% increased Spell Vamp and Lifesteal, that means that all of your abilities heal you for even more than they did before. Your enemies will continue to try and take you out, but you will always be healing during the whole battle. Rabadon’s is perfect for any mage along with Void Staff. The more penetration you have the closer to true magic damage you will be inflicting on an enemy.



Vladimir is an amazing top laner. Since the top lane is usually filled with tanky bruisers who live to do melee auto attacks, Vlad can easily counter with his long range auto attack and infinite sustain. You can establish early lane dominance and never have to leave. The enemy top laner will constantly be calling his jungler to come watch his lane as he goes back to base, leaving the rest of your teammates feeling less pressure for enemy ganks. Vlad is a great champion to have on a team and if you follow this guide, you will be on your way to carrying many team fights and games.