Best Zac Jungle Guide Season 3


When I first started playing Zac, I started on a low level summoner account so I had limited runes and and masteries.  Having no runes or masteries makes it really difficult to jungle with Zac, even if you are to get help with the Red buff at start, chances are you could nearly die on any of the other easier camps until you are about level 3.  Once you get the hang of Zac he truly is fun to play and deadly with his ability to just jump out of the jungle onto people and stun them for ganks.  When fully built as a tank he becomes really beefy and hard to kill.  Equipped with a Guardian Angel and his Passive ability he gets a lot of second chances at life which further annoys the enemy, especially if you die under a turret.

One thing that took me awhile to realize is that when you use the W ability, pieces of slime fly off Zac, if you run over those pieces you can heal yourself some.  I played a lot of games before I caught onto that one.

Best Zac Build Order

Zac’s build order is largely about ability power and health.  If you’re looking to cause more damage you can get Sorcerer’s Shoes instead of Ninja Tabai but I like to play a really defensive Zac so that’s how I normally go.  Three of my first four items give me an extra 2000 health combined.

The last two items are always situational.  You can build straight AP items if you like but most of the time I endup building defensively against either a heavy AP or AD on the enemy team so I can tank.  At some points I’ve been in games so long that I’ve actually sold my Rylai’s Scepter and Ninja Tabai for more defensive items without ability power.

best zac build order


Best Zac Masteries

Mostly defensive with some offensive abilities.

best zac masteries


Best Zac Runes

Honestly I feel the best runes are the ones that fit your playstyle and how you use your champion the best but people get mad if you don’t tell them what runes to get.  It’s basically always recommended to get armor and magic resist.  Magic penetration and ability power are for doing more damage.

best zac runes


Best Zac Abilities

I actually build these dynamically each game but this is my basic jungle sequence if I’m allowed to sit in jungle and don’t have to gank right away in game.  If I have to gank I get Q instead of W.  I always max out E.  W is important for jungle because it’s an AoE that lets you heal up some.


best zac abilities