How To Max Nightfallen Reputation as Fast as Possible

A lot of people fret over trying to gain Nightfallen reputation, but it’s a lot easier than you think.

First you must reach level 110 before you unlock the story lines in Suramar.  In Suramar you will be given a lengthy and never ending amount of quests, some that unlock as you gain reputation levels friendly, honored, and revered.

Please keep in mind that you no matter how much work you put in, you’re looking at probably a month of time at least even if you max everything that you can do due to restrictions in the amount of quests in the line combined with the number of dailies you are given, however, if you do all the key things each day it will go by fast.

Step #1

After you reach level 110, go to your adventure journal and start the quests in Dalaran that take you to Suramar.  Here are the names of the beginning quests to each of the separate Suramar storylines just incase you get confused: Khadgar’s Discovery, Shal’Aran, Oculeth’s Workshop,  An Old Ally, Masquerade, and Arcane Communion.

When you finish all of these lines this unlocks World Quests for The Nightfallen.

Step #2

Once you unlock World Quests you want to check the world map for quests that grant Nightfallen reputation, you can do this filtering by reputation but most of the quests will be in Suramar, try to complete as many as these as you can each day.  Every day you have the chance to get the bonus emissary quests for Nightfallen which will boost your reputation substantially make sure you complete these emissary quests when they show up, they normally require you to do 4 world quests of your choice for the Nightfallen.

Step #3

You’re next consistent and steadiest gain is going to be when you start Building an Army.

It is a scenario that you get to run every few days, make sure you do it on time.  It requires you to spend Ancient mana (have to have at least 400) in exchange for some withered soldiers to run the scenario.

When you start out you’ll want to buy as many withered as you can afford with Ancient mana because until you start powering up your army with chests your withered will be slightly weak, but if all you can muster up is 400 and refuse to get more to buy more withered soldiers than you’ll have to go with less. I would spend the extra time to get as much ancient mana as possible to start because this world quest only comes every few days.

As you progress through the scenario you’ll start to get chests and other things that make your withered army more powerful.

When I first started doing this I freaked out trying to open every door and get every chest I could.  Every time you get a chest or fight a hard boss behind a locked door you run the risk of depleting your army, and as you deplete your army your progression slows down and you’ll eventually fail.

I want to point out that all of the big chests you see in the scenario that require 5-10 withered are permanent one time loot chests (so it seems) as I started bringing them back as fast as I could I began to notice that they no longer appeared anymore.

Do not be dumb and rush into getting all of these chests, what I would do is make sure you kill as many mobs as you can in the scenario and avoid as many bosses and locked doors as possible.

Set a target to get one 5 or 10 withered chest per run until you get them all don’t go all out like I did and waste your entire army on chests.

Make sure you knock out every cacooned object because although most of the time these will be enemies in them, sometimes you’ ll find a withered exile you can recruit into your army. These possible recruits are also found in most of the boss rooms and behind other concealed doors, but be warned, at the start even though you can beat a boss and gained 3-4 withered from these rooms, the chances are the boss will weaken or kill more than that until your withered get upgrades from chests.

Eventually you’ll be able to clear this level with 30-40 withered at the end and it won’t be any challenge at all. At this point, you’ll want to only kill about 350-400 enemies to get the max score, if you clear the entire scenario you can get up to 675, this is absolutely not necessary and time consuming as you can only get 4 Arcane Tablet of Falanaar for reputation.

This is not a speed run, do not pull extra enemies and try to plot your path as carefully as possible, avoid all possible bosses until you have a rather large army, 15+ to be safe, the more you have the faster they go.  Use their berserker mode on these bosses but be careful to clear the area around them because in berserker mode they will hit everything around them which can train you and end your scenario early.

Step #5

When all story line quests and world quests are done you can spend time finding Leyline feeds. You’ll eventually get these naturally if you explore the zone questing, but here’s a map in case you want to target them early. Most of them will require some ancient mana to active, I recommend when you are high enough for the shoulder enchant Boon of the Manaseeker (honored) get the one from the Nightfallen vendor that allows you to gain ancient mana from enemies you kill, it helps in the long run.

Suramar Ley Line Feeds

That’s all you really need to do to max your Nightfallen Reputation, however if you are ambitious here are some bonus steps to take.

Extra #1

Whenever you get a Kirin Tor Emissary World quest you are granted the option to choose reputation tokens as a reward, always choose the 750 Nightfallen reputation token as a reward since it is the primary and hardest reputation to obtain.

Extra #2

When you are high enough and unlock the Mythic Dungeons Court of Stars and the Arcway, you can get some reputation for each boss kill in here.

That’s it, focus on these things and you’ll get Exalted Nightfallen in no time.

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