BC AoE Grinding Spots – Burning Crusade AoE Leveling

The Burning Crusade and it’s zones were left unscathed in the Cataclysm nerf so every spot that was good to AoE Level in, is still a good spot.

Hellfire Peninsula Levels 61-62

Southeast of the Temple of Telhamat, the Burning Crusade famous leveling spot of Buzzards where you can pull as many as 9 per pull and there are at least 3 areas close by to pull from.  This was considered a heaven for Frost Mage AoE but now all classes have a pretty decent AoE so anyone can use it.

Nagrand Levels 62-65

One of my personal favorite.  These non-aggressive packs of Clefthoofs sometimes cross so you can get as many as 15 per pull if you hit them all, regardless, they are good for skinning Borean Leather.

Terrokar Forest Levels 64-65

Dreadfang Widows, not as many per pull, up to 5 if you range pull them to you, but they drop Netherweb Spider Silk which is good for tailors.

Netherstorm Levels 67-68

The heap and it’s Zaxxis humanoids is a great location to finish off your AoE Leveling in Burning Crusade before heading to Wrath of the Lich King.  You can get up to 10 per pull by range pulling to yourself.

There is a complete list of Burning Crusade AoE Grinding Spots that can be viewed in my AoE Grinding Guide.

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