Cata AoE Grinding Spots – Cataclysm AoE Leveling

Although when this expansion was released Blizzard preferred that you follow the lore by questing and don’t sit around grinding stuff, I’ve still found a few good spots in Cataclsym for grinding.  I left out Vashj’ir because I don’t think anyone would appreciate underwater grinding so here are some of the best spots in Cata.Deepholm Level 82

In the midst of a battle around Stonehearth you’ll find Troggs engaged in combat against some defenders.  If you just drop right ontop of the biggest groups fighting with your AoE you’ll get credit and experience while also having them help you AoE.  I’ve gotten up to 8 per AoE group before.

Deepholm Level 83

Hands down the best AoE spot ever to exist in the game, it’s probably too good.  You will most likely want a partner or a healer at the very least.  There is a spot up high on a ledge in Verlok Stand where you can pull up to 15 and there is fast respawn and enough mobs so that you won’t even be able to kill them all fast enough even with a full group.  There’s enough to make a full group level efficiently here.  I think Blizzard left it in as a joke just to kill AoE’ers who aren’t prepared.  The cloth rate per hour makes it a good gold farming spot too!  Check out the video below!

Uldum Level 83

On the Trail of Devastation there are Cursed Surveyors that you can pull up to 8 at a time if you stand in the center of a few camps and pull to you.  You’ll get cloth as these are all humanoids.

Twilight Highlands Level 84

The Water Elementals, which you actually kill for one of the beginning quests in Verall Delta, are a great thing to AoE Farm.  You can get up to 6 at a time if you pull to yourself and they drop Volatile Water which is good for a little bit of extra cash.

For a complete list of Cata AoE Spots check out my AoE Grinding Guide.

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