MOP Justice/Valor Point Vendors and MOP Quartermasters

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MOP Justice Point Vendors and MOP Faction Reward Vendors

I don’t know if anyone else has ran into this issue but I have been looking everywhere for the MOP reputation quartermasters to see which faction I need to work on to get what. So since I couldn’t find a place that did it all in one spot for me I bring you this.

The Golden Lotus-Jaluu the Generous Golden Lotus Quartermaster

Order of the Cloud Serpent-San Redscale Serpent Keeper

Shado-Pan-Rushi the Fox Shado-Pan Quartermaster

The Anglers-Nat Pagle The Anglers Quartermaster

The August Celestials-Horde Sage Lotusbloom August Celestials Quartermaster,Alliance Sage Whiteheart August Celestials Quartermaster

The Klaxxi-Ambersmith Zikk Klaxxi Quartermaster

The Lorewalkers-Tan Shin Tiao Lorewalkers Quartermaster

The Tillers-Gina Mudclaw Tillers Quartermaster

This is truly your one stop shop for getting MOP items. Commander Oxheart can be found in Townlong Steppes at Niuzao Temple.

*Valor gear and Tier Raiding Pieces-Commander Oxheart Valor Quartermaster

There it is a all in one place to check out all the MOP Valor Point Justice Point and reputation vendors! Enjoy

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