MOP Power Leveling Nerf: Scarlet Monastery

The long hailed favorite of in-game power levels, most of them dual boxing or doing run throughs, is getting a substantial nerf.   The instance will go from 4 instances total to 2 instances, a lot of the areas will be available but the armory and cathedral appear to be available as continuations through the two side entrances now.

What this means for power levelers is that there may not be any advantage to running through Scarlet Monastery and it will become more like a normal instance.  

Scarlet Monastery, especially the Cathedral and Armory, have been long used by power levelers in mainly the same way.  You take a bunch of characters that are appropriate level or lower level than the instance and group with 1 high level character.  This high level character clears the instances really fast or pulls the entire instance to the zone and AoE’s them down.  Yes, there was an experience reduction for having the high level in group but the experience per hour on such a strategy was phenomenal that power levelers used this tactic to level their alts from as low as level 20 to as high as 45, without changing zones.

To clear the entire Cathedral or Armor was as simple as running to the boss at the end and running then AoE’ing.  Cathedral runs were being completed in 3 minutes flat, then the power levelers would switch to the Armory, where it would take another 3-4 minutes.  The instance could be reset 5x an hour, allowing 12 minutes to clear both the Cathedral and Armory which was optimal and there was hardly any down time.

It may not seem awesome but imagine getting 100-200xp per kill and killing every enemy in the entire Cathedral in 3-4 minutes, sometimes an entire level per pull was possible, especially with Recruit a Friend, each pull seemed to be a level and then some.

However, as with Cataclysm, Blizzard has made it clear that they do not support power leveling and massive AoE grinding as most spots have been nerfed and they are keen not to build zones and enemies so close together that they can be grouped up in mass groups anymore.  The days of the power leveler / AOE grinder may soon be over as Blizzard tries to force people the route of questing and lore.

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