WOTLK AoE Grinding Spots – Wrath of the Lich King AoE Leveling

Just like with BC, Wrath of the Lich King was untouched in the Cataclysm Expansion, therefore, if you could AoE effectively in WOTLK then you can still AoE effectively in WOTLK because nothing was changed.  There are some very good AoE spots however that did receive some of a nerf in the forms of reduced experience, but the best spots are listed below.

Borean Tundra Levels 67-69

Across the zone are herds of Rhinos roaming that cross and come within each other.  They are mostly non-aggressive except for a few but you can pull up to 15 to yourself and they provide leather which can probably be sold if you’re a skinner.

Dragonblight Levels 72-73

One of the best spots in WOTLK for grinding is the Onslaught Base Camp.  Use your mount to pull each camp at a time you’ll get up to 10 per pull.  There are 4 camps, rinse and repeat.  Humanoids so you get cloth to sell.  Good experience here!

Sholazar Basin Levels 75-76

Venture Co Humanoids at Swindlegrin’s Dig.  3-7 per pull, grate place to grind and get loot from humanoids.

Icecrown Levels 80

This was one of the best spots that people used to use to level from 77-80, however, Blizzard reduced experience per kill by half, but it still makes for a great place to level, you just won’t go from 77-80 in 6 hours like some players were.  There are essentially 20 Skeletal Runesmiths that respawn every 60 seconds, so you clear them out, and wait and keep doing it.  Makes for good experience.  It’s in Malykriss: The Vile Hold.

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