Best Transmorgification Sets – Farming Old World Raids

This past week I decided to work on my transmog for my Hunter after I finished all of the weekly raids.  She’s item level 524 which is enough to finish a lot of old raids (where the cool looking gear drops).

There are a lot of guides that tell you how to obtain look-a-like gear.  This type of gear has the same appearance as the cool armor sets and a lot of it can be found in old heroic dungeons from Vanilla WoW and TBC.

Take your character through all of the old world and Heroic dungeons.

With my level 90 Hunter I was able to solo every single raid of The Burning Crusade Expansion.  This allowed me to get a bunch of cool tier sets like Demonstalker Armor and the Bow off of Illidan Stormrage.  I am also able to solo some of the Lich King raids but some of them require more than 1 person for mechanics.

From the original WoW you’ll be able to do AQ20 and Molten Core with ease.  Blackwing Lair requires more people because of mechanics.

So if you find yourself bored and want to obtain cool looking gear or beat some old world raids that maybe you have never done — consider clearing them with your character.

You don’t need to be level 90 to do the original World of Warcraft raids, I bet you will do just fine with an 80 or above.

You’ll have a little bit of fun and probably make a little bit of gold while doing them.

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