AoE Cloth Farming Guide – AoE Farming

If you’re going to farm for cloth why not do it AoE style? For those of you who don’t know what AoE is, basically, it’s when you gather 3 or more enemies at a time and use spells and combat skills that hit all of them at once resulting in all three of them dying in about the same time it takes to kill just one single enemy.

This results in a lot more loot in a lot faster way. Partically this is guide is going to tell you the best and fastest place to get cloth is. Keep in mind some enemies within both level ranges can drop two different types of cloth so some of the spots will overlap.

Where to Farm Linen Cloth

Linen cloth is the first cloth you’ll get in game when you start out. Sometimes it can be worth money to farm because everyone who collects it just sells it to vendor and it’s useful for leveling First Aid and Tailoring. A lot of high level players would rather just buy it for whatever price then go get it themselves.

This cloth is typically found on mobs ranging from levels 5-20.

Below are the best AoE Spots to get Linen Cloth:

Levels Zone Area Location Mobs Notes
13-14 Westfall The Dust Plains 60,72 Gnolls 3-5, humanoids, pull melee to casters at camps to gather
16-18 Northern Barrens Boulderload Mine 66,14 Venture Co. 3-5 per pull normally, humanoids
18-19 Darkshore The Master’s Glaive 40,83 Twilight Humanoids 3-6 per pull, humanoids, miners come off the hills, pull them to the existing camps

Where to Farm Wool Cloth

Wool cloth is typically found on enemies ranging from level 15-30. This cloth is one of the best selling cloths as far as low level cloth goes.

Below are the best AoE Spots to get Wool Cloth:

Levels Zone Area Location Mobs Notes
21-22 Hillsbrad Foothills Netherland Stead 57,74 Mosshide Gnolls 3-8 per pull, humanoids, watch for casters
24-25 Duskwood Raven Hill Cemetery 23,36 Ghouls 3-5 per pull, undead, throughout entire graveyard, pulls are somewhat spaced
26 Arathi Highlands Dabyrie’s Farmstead 50,41 Dabyrie Laborer 3-12 per pull, humanoids, Horde Only
27-28 Arathi Highlands Go’Shek Farm 56,60 Hammerfall Grunts 3-10 per pull, watch the mobs around edge, humanoids, Alliance only

Where to Farm Silk Cloth

Typically found on mobs ranging from levels 25-40 this cloth is one that is most likely not worth farming at all. This is due to the fact of instances in this level ranged being heavily farmed for long periods of time, especially Scarlet Monastery, where people will do 500 runs killing thousands of enemies that drop Silk Cloth. This creates an overflow of Silk Cloth on the auction house.

Below are the best AoE Spots to get Silk Cloth:

Levels Zone Area Location Mobs Notes
32-33 The Cape of Stranglethorn The Damsel’s Luck 51,91 Bloodsail 3-6 per pull, humanoids, you can grab up to 4 off the top deck or run downstairs and pull more from the bottom up top, and then go to the next ship
32-34 Southern Barrens Bael Modan Excavation 47,87 Humanoids 3-5 per pull, humanoids, the horde and alliance are battling each other but you can gather their mobs to yourself, if you’re horde you’ll be fighting Bael’Dun, the alliance will pull Excavation Raiders
35-36 Dustwallow Marsh Dreadmurk Shore 57,15 Murlocs 3-9 per pull, humanoids, some are ranged, head out to the islands and the camps and make a grouping that suits your needs
37-39 Western Plaguelands Gahrron’s Withering 63,58 Wailing Death 3-6 per pull, undead

Where to Farm Mageweave Cloth

This is usually found on mobs ranging from levels 35-50. It is oftentimes worth farming to sell.

Below are the best AoE Spots to get Mageweave Cloth:

Levels Zone Area Location Mobs Notes
42-43 Eastern Plaguelands Zul’Mashar 65,13 Infected Mossflayer 1 pull of 15, smaller pulls around the area, undead, there are graves on the ground, run over the top and they spawn, kill around area until they respawn, be careful not to spawn more graves than you can handle as they stun
44-45 Tanaris Lost Rigger Cove 72,46 Pirates Even with the changes to this area you can still pull 5-6 at a time, they are all in combat but if you get them before their health is too low you’ll get exp for them
46-47 Tanaris Dunemal Compound 42,56 Ogres In front of the cave you can pull up to 5 maybe 6, some smaller pulls in the area

Where to Farm Runecloth

Not normally a cloth you’d farm due to lower prices this cloth can be found on enemies ranging from levels 45-60. Typically only found in old World of Warcraft there have been special occasions drops reported from The Burning Crusade but I wouldn’t rely on such information to farm Runecloth effectively.

Below are the best AoE Spots to get Runecloth:

Levels Zone Area Location Mobs Notes
50-51 Burning Steppes Fields of Honor 35,35 Blackrock Soldiers These sit in groups of 25, they are most likely reduced experience, but you get loot off them, at least 3 groups of them
52-53 Swamp of Sorrows Misty Reed Strand 82,84 Murlocs 3-5 per pull, humanoids, all along the water front
55-56 Blasted Lands Shattershore 68,40 Gilnean Undead 3-5 per pull, look by the boats

Where to Farm Netherweave Cloth

Netherweave cloth can be found on mobs ranging from level 58-72 and only in The Burning Crusade Expansion.

Below are the best AoE Spots to get Netherweave Cloth:

Levels Zone Area Location Mobs Notes
59-60 Hellfire Peninsula Expedition Armory 58,78 Unyielding There’s one long pull of about 15 if you run along the ridge, then you have to go inside and fight until respawn.
66-67 Nagrand Ancestral Grounds 26,60 Orc Spirits 2-6 per pull if you pull them to you with ranged
67-68 Netherstorm The Heap 31,76 Zaxxis 2-10 per pull in some areas, humanoids
70 Shadowmoon Valley The Black Temple 68,52 Demon Hunter Supplicants There’s about 30 of them in sets of 2, you can pull them all in one pull or smaller pulls, watch for the level 70 elite, humanoids

Where to Farm Frostweave Cloth

Frostweave Cloth is usually found on mobs ranging from 69-82 and can only be found in the Wrath of the Lich King Expansion. It usually sells pretty decently because tailoring requires a lot of it to level up.

Below are the best AoE Spots to get Frostweave Cloth:

Levels Zone Area Location Mobs Notes
69-70 Howling Fjord Ivald’s Ruins 77,47 Iron Rune Destroyers 3-7 per pull, they sit around the ridge, humanoids, there’s more south by Balegun’s Excavation that you can do if you run out
70-71 Borean Tundra The Flood Plains 61,56 Gorlocs There’s about 5-6 around each pull you can pull, keep running to the new pools to the north
72-73 Dragonblight Onlsaught Base Camp 87,41 Onslaught 4-5 camps, as many as 10 per pull, humanoids
75-76 Sholazar Basin Swindlegrin’s Dig 34,46 Venture Co 3-7 per pull, humanoids
79-80 Icecrown Savage Ledge 37,24 Mjordin Combatants There’s probably about 30 mobs here that you can almost get in one pull, be careful because they do a knockback on you, humanoids
80 Icecrown Malykriss: The Vile Hold 59,74 Skeletal Runesmiths There’s probably about 20 mobs you can pull in one pull and they have a short respawn of about 60 seconds, this area was nerfed so they give half experience, but it’s still pretty decent, undead

Where to Farm Embersilk Cloth

You will get Embersilk Cloth off mobs ranging from 78-87 and only from the Cataclsym expansion. This is probably the cloth to farm the most of because it is in the highest demand.

Below are the best AoE Spots to get Embersilk Cloth:

Levels Zone Area Location Mobs Notes
82 Deepholm Stonehearth 29,72 Stone Trogg Ambusher These will be in combat against Stonehearth Defenders, but you can jump right in and drop an AoE on them getting up to 8 per pull, humanoids
83 Deepholm Verlok Stand 68,25 Verloks Up to 15 a pull, fast respawn, it’s best to have at least a healer with you, there are enough mobs up here to make group AoE grinding efficient
83 Uldum The Trail of Devastation 81,57 Cursed Surveyors 3-8 per pull, humanoids

Where to Farm Windwool Cloth

Windwool Cloth is the new cloth in the Mists of Pandaria expansion, when AoE locations are available they will be put here.

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