Herbalism Legion Farming Guide

A couple of things to mention before we get farming.

If you are Honored with Dreamweavers you can get Boon of the Harvester enchant from Sylvia Hartshorn, she is located in Lorlathil, Val’sharah. You will randomly get extra herbs from Harvested Goods when you loot things.

There is also Enchant Gloves – Legion Herbalism sold by Tigrid the Charmer in Stormheim that will significantly reduce the time it takes to gather herbs by a whole second.


And we cannot forget these three items that will allow you to gather herbs while mounted with increased speed: Stonehide Leather Barding, Leystone Hoofplates, and Demonsteel Stirrups.

These come from leatherworkers and blacksmiths so if you don’t have the pattern or recipe you’ll have to grab some on the auction house or have them made for you.

What the Legion Skill Ranks Do:

  • Rank 1 – increase the rate you pick an herb
  • Rank 2 – Allows you to get rare materials such as Blood of Sargeras
  • Rank 3 – Gives you more materials of the specific herb

You will naturally acquire the quests to increase your Rank for each herb as you pick those herbs. It’s a random occurrence and eventually you’ll get Rank 3 in each herb.

There are 5 main herbs you’ll gather: Aethril, Foxflower, Fjarnskaggl, Starlight Rose, and Dreamleaf.

Felwort you’ll get from World Quests and Yseralline Seed you’ll get with other herbs.

Farming Aethril

Aethril is found in Azsuna, withered spawns can drop more of the herb.

aethril farming routes

Farming Dreamleaf

This herb is located in Val’sharah. Any corrupt versions will spawn a Nightmare enemy that must be killed.

Farming Foxflower

This herb is found in Highmountain, sometimes a fox will spawn that can drop additional Foxflower, hence the name.

Highmountain is a terrible zone, you can run any of these paths and take the gryphon flight paths to the other side, basically, if you find herbs on one of these routes, stick with that route, sometimes there are a lot of people gathering herbs here and it’s hard to find anything.


Farming Fjarnskaggl

Fjarnskaggl and it’s funky name can be found in Stormheim.

stormheim fjarnskaggl

Farming Starlight Rose

Starlight Rose is found in suramar, withered spawns can give you more.


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