Where to Farm Stormvine – Farming Stormvine

Where to Find Stormvine – Updated for Patch 4.3 – Cataclysm

Herb: Stormvine
Zones to Farm:  Mount Hyjal, Vashj’ir – Abyssal Depths, Vashj’ir – Shimmering Expanse
Required Herbalism Skill: 425

Farming Stormvine in Mount Hyjal

Below you’ll find a map and route for finding the most Stormvine in Mount Hyjal.

Farming Stormvine in Vashj’ir – Abyssal Depths

The route for farming Stormvine in Abyssal Depths could pretty much not be any simpler.  Just follow the route shown below for best results.

Farming Stormvine in Vashj’ir – Abyssal Depths

Below you’ll find the best locations for farming Stormvine in the Abyssal Depths.  As you can see from looking at the map below, there really isn’t a consistent large route you can follow to collect this herb.  The lines indicate the best places you can find it though and you can stick to one of these areas or jump from area to area to farm.

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