Where to Farm Twilight Jasmine – Farming Twilight Jasmine

Where to Find Twilight Jasmine – Updated for Patch 4.3 – Cataclysm

Herb: Twilight Jasmine
Zone to Farm:  Twilight Highlands
Required Herbalism Skill:  525

Farming Twilight Jasmine in Twilight Highlands

Below you’ll find the best zone for farming Twilight Jasmine, in fact it’s actually the only zone where you can even find this herb.  Follow the basic route on the map, it will run you through the areas where the herb spawns.  Keep in mind that any area within the loop also contains Twilight Jasmine, so be sure to venture in further than just staying near the outer lines.  The circle on the map to the far left is also a spot where you can find Twilight Jasmine, in case people are farming the main route.

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