Where to Farm Whiptail – Farming Whiptail

Where to Find Whiptail – Updated for Patch 4.3 – Cataclysm

Herb: Whiptail
Zones to Farm: Uldum, Tol Barad
Required Herbalism Skill:  500

Farming Whiptail in Uldum

Below you’ll find the best route/areas to focus on when farming Whiptail.  Whiptail is primarily found in Deepholm and is actually only found in either Deepholm or Tol Barad.  This is the best zone to go to if you are looking to farm for this herb.  As you’ll notice it’s a very simple route to follow and not much of a choice for variation, which might cause you some issues if anyone else is farming at the same time as you.

Farming Whiptail in Tol Barad

While Uldum is the best place to farm for Whiptail I’m putting a map here of where you can find it in Tol Barad because it’s one of the only two zones you can even find this herb in.  Look for this herb in the area inside the circle on the map and be ready to fight because you’ll run into a lot of crocolisks.

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