Primal Spirit Farming Guide

Primal Spirits are the Warlords of Draenor Currency for a lot of high level crafting components in each profession.  A full list can be found here but the biggest reason people want to farm them is because they allow you to purchase Savage Blood which is quite expensive on the Auction House.  Having said that, you could farm Primal Spirits, buy Savage Blood, and sell them on the Auction House.

Sounds like a simple way to make a ton of gold right?

Hang in there it’s not that easy, Savage Bloods cost 50 Primal Spirits, and Primal Spirits aren’t easy to come by.

There are several ways to get Primal Spirits and that’s from the gathering professions such as skinning, mining, and herbalism.  They also come from certain containers and treasures around the world.  The mine carts inside of the Garrison mine have a chance to drop them as well as some various cache’s spread around the world but the most sustainable source for Primal Spirits is the mine carts so make sure you at least search your mines for those every day.  You can also get Primal Spirits from good old fashion killing, the higher level mob the better.

Let’s cover all of the best ways to get Primal Spirits from each.


Every herb that you run across has roughly a 10% chance to give you a Primal Spirit.  The first thing to do is to get all of the Herbs out of your Garrison Garden.  The next thing to do is head over to Talador and run some of the areas that have Talador Orchids (herb everything you can not just these).  There are a few areas you can loop as shown in the map below.

primal spirit farming through herbalism


The highest level beasts are found in Nagrand and there are 3 of them that are in the Northwestern part of Nagrand that have higher and consistent drop rates: Marsh Anacondas, Thorncoat Talbuks, and Deadly Gloomstalkers.  You can farm these all day but remember every time you skin you have a chance to get a Primal Spirit so don’t pass up other enemies while running these routes.

Primal Spirit Farming Skinning Nagrand


Every single mine has a chance to give you a Primal Spirit so after you clear out your Garrison Mines if you’re still looking to farm them up then head over to Nagrand.  There isn’t exactly a good route to run, but there’s a really good area to explore where you can make your own route.  The Elemental Plateau is full of mountains, hills, paths, and caves and is LOADED with the Rich Deposits that have over a 50% chance to give you a Primal Spirit.

mining for primal spirits in Nagrand


Most rares and elites have a high chance to drop a Primal Spirit so make sure you always kill them wherever you go.  The next thing you want to do is to hit up the level 100 areas to farm the enemies there.  A lot of zones have a level 100 area, it’s probably that area that you never explored because they never sent you there.  Here are all the areas to farm enemies for Primal Spirits.

There are areas in the same zone as your Garrison is located that has level 100 enemies that you can farm as well, these ones below are neutral.


primal spirit farming in nagrand


primal spirit farming gorgrond


primal spirit farming talador


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