Shado-Pan Assault Reputation Guide

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This reputation is only gained by killing bosses in the Throne of Thunder.

The rewards are all item level 522 and will require valor points plus reputation level to purchase.  You will have access to the following items at each reputation level.

  • Neutral: Amulet, 1250 Valor Points
  • Friendly: Ring, 1250 Valor Points
  • Friendly: Trinket, 1750 Valor Points
  • Friendly: Wrist, 1250 Valor Points
  • Honored: Hands, 1750 Valor Points
  • Honored: Legs, 2250 Valor Points
  • Honored: Cape, 1250 Valor Points
  • Revered: Chest, 2250 Valor Points
  • Revered: Waist, 1750 Valor Points
  • Exalted,  Shoulders, 1000 Gold

The Shado-Pan Assault Quartermaster is located at Niuzao Temple in Townlongsteppes.  His name is Ao Pye.

Ao Pye Shado-Pan Offensive Quartermaster



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