AFK/Mercenary Leveling Guide for Everquest Levels 1-85

This is a guide dedicated to leveling your character automatically while either fully AFK or partially AFK.  Fully AFK means you can walk away and not worry about your characters, partially means that you may have to be present in case something bad happens or to provide buffs but the mercs will do fine leveling on their own.

Qualifying areas will have fast respawn times or be an area where you are always fighting at least one enemy with minimal downtime but not so many that you have a high chance of dying.

To follow this guide you’ll want to have a max mercenary setup of 3 mercenaries in your group which requires 3 accounts.  You need a tank, healer, and a melee dps.  Do not take caster dps because they will run out of mana easily.  I used Journeyman Rank 1 Mercenaries which require a gold subscription.

If you do not have a gold subscription you may or may not be able to do these spots.


When I want to max how many spawns I aggro I use a triangular formation with each character at the edge of casting range apart in a triangle.  When I don’t want to max spawns I position my characters differently sometimes right on top of each other.  Pay attention to how far spread out your characters are.  At some times you’ll be able to expand your aggro radius and other times you’ll want to contract it, especially if you’re too low for an area.

Breaking In The Camp

As you get higher level the camps and enemies will get harder to kill and have an easier time killing you.  Breaking in the camp means slowly killing the enemies as if the Mercenaries were the only ones killing.  The idea is to make sure that you live on the next respawns when you walk away.  If you go into some of these camps, blast down all the mobs, and go afk they will all respawn at the same time leaving your mercs to fight all of them at once instead of one at a time.  You will wipe in most of the camps later on if you don’t break them in.


At level 65 you will want to consider getting your Journeyman 2 upgrade for your mercenary and J5 at level 75.  You most likely will have a hard time at level 65 doing this but getting your higher tier mercenaries helps a lot.  Pay someone or find a friend to help you that’s higher level if you have to.

At these levels if your Mercenary loses confidence on either the tank or healer side, the mobs hit hard enough where they will wipe you almost every time.

Levels 1-15

There’s no point in even looking for an afk mercenary camp and it’s hard to find one because most enemies at this level don’t auto aggro you which is a requirement for this to work.

Levels 15-25 Crescent Reach

If you’re going to be assisting your Mercenaries it might be possible to do this camp as early as level 12.  You’ll eventually want to be standing on the center hill in the middle but when you start at 15 that can be rough so don’t quite get up on top of the hill yet.

Things will start turning light blue and blue in your 20’s but since you’re afk you might as well just sit here till 25.

This step goes a lot faster if you pull to the hill for your Mercs or roam and kill everything in the area.

afk merc leveling crescent reach 15-25


Levels 25-32

I had a really hard time finding a good camp for these levels but I did find some that will work.  I’ll give you 3 options.  Unrest, Blightfire Moors, and Lake of Ill Omen and you can choose which you’d like.

The Estate of Unrest

There’s no use in providing a map because I can’t get a good enough one for the life of me anyways.  The Unrest Estate is located by going through Butcherblock Mountains to Dagnor’s Cauldron to Unrest.

The camp that you want is in the Basement referred to as the Torture Room.  To get into the basement find the room with the bookshelf on the first floor that you can click.  When you click it, it opens up and leads you into the basement.  There is another secret passage down here but the room I want to focus on has 8 mobs that you can afk exp on.

everquest 1 unrest basement


To hit all of the respawns park one character in the middle, one up top where the left mob spawns and the other on the far right up top where the other mob spawns in the cubby.  Put your healer merc in the middle.

Lake of Ill Omen

The next spot is to the Lake of Ill Omen.  You want to setup at max Triangular distance in the court yard and you’ll catch quite a few spawns.  If the courtyard is too easy then you want to go up the stairs and inside the castle, find a spot to position all three of your characters so they are in range of each other but you hit the most spawns.

lake of ill omen afk merc leveling


Blightfire Moors

This is probably going to be the fastest and easiest one to get too although I’m not sure how many spawns you can catch even at max distance.  The Shrooms seem to have a fast respawn time and they also release mini pores that die fast and you get a bit of experience for.

Just passed the cave are a bunch of sporali in the field, you can probably see at least 5 out there.  Find a good spot to space out your characters in that field so you hit all of them.  The respawns are pretty quick and some of them spawn bonus sporelings for extra exp.

blightfire moors afk leveling


Levels 28-37(40)

Blightfire Moors

This is a camp near the Stone Hive.  It’s near the road that leads to the hive, there will be some trees and several obvious “camps” or spawn points where about 3 eggtenders spawn.  When you arrive here at level 28 you want to stay near the path and only try to afk on one camp, but as you grow stronger you can place each one of your characters in a camp for some decent afk experience.

Don’t overdo this camp, between the wanderers and quick respawns you can get smoked pretty quickly early on.

Theoretically you can take this camp to 40 if you leave it afk too long you probably will but some things might turn green.

blightfire moors eggtender afk leveling guide

Levels 32-42(45)

Blightfire Moors

By far one of the best power leveling/afk spots I’ve found in the game is at the Undead Tower in the Northwest corner of Blightfire Moors.  There is an area off northeast part of the tower where you can position your characters in a triangle and get 10+ mobs no problem.

At level 32 you may want to not spread out as far but you can carry this spot all the way to level 45 if you want, and you should, unless you’re in a hurry.  Otherwise everything is almost always light blue at level 42.

The skeletons here are on about a 2-3 minute respawn timer, making them one of the fastest respawns in the game.

blightfiremoors afk merc leveling 32-45


Levels 42-52(55)

Maiden’s Eye

The idea behind this camp is to be King of the Hill.  There is a hill immediately to your left when you zone in from Dawnshroud peaks.  At the beginning levels you don’t want to try to man the top of it find an area nearer to the wall that works for you.

The ideal goal is to be able to stand in a triangle ontop of this hill where you will get random spawns of 8+.  It’s a pretty good afk merc leveling spot but every now and then a super red spawn mob will spawn like a shaman and it can get tough if you have other mobs on you but you can kill him pretty easily if you’re not fighting a bunch at a time.  It’s all about timing.

Once you control the hill set one of your characters (tankiest) into the 5 man spawn marked on the map and you’ll be able to farm mobs nonstop while you level.

Theoretically you could take this spot to 55 but at level 52 you probably want to get moving to another spot.

maidens eye afk merc leveling


Levels 50-60

Crypt of Nadox

The Crypt of Nadox is a superior zone to level in from 50-60.  There are plenty of mobs but somewhat far spaced out so the max we can get with 3 characters on AFK is maybe 7-9.  Exp slows down at these levels as it becomes harder to find close camps but if you’re AFK who cares.

You can expect 1-2 levels every 8 hours, the time to go from 50-60 is between 3-5 days.  At this point if you’re around your computer there will be tons and tons of mobs to pull just nearby, you can actually look at all of them from where you setup.  I recommend grabbing a few and pulling them to your merc tank to speed this up.

The solid red circles are my preferences, the non solid areas work but you have to be careful in that area so you don’t accidentally spawn Innoruk, a level 70 raid encounter.

nadox afk merc guide


Levels 52-60

Akheva Ruins

There are probably several camps in here where you can get 7 or more mobs, I like to do the Mind Worms in the southeastern part you should be able to get 7+ if you setup properly.

Feel free to roam around and find your own camp though this is a good zone to experience in for AFK Merc.

akheva afk merc leveling


Levels 55-60(62)

The Bloodfields

This is a very very good spot but can also be kind of tough.  There’s a hill in the circle you can sit on that you will get a lot of static / roaming spawns, as many as 15 it seems at some times.  It is very easy to wipe so don’t just run in here, clear everything, and go afk.

Pretend that you are already afk when you come into this camp and let your mercs do most of the work so that after you walk away everything doesn’t spawn all at once and wipe your mercs down.

You can start out further away from the hill toward the path if you can’t handle this hill yet.

bloodfields afk

Levels 57-60(62)

The Umbral Plains

Be careful in Area 1 for Gantru Dralkenr, a named mob that can ruin your AFK leveling if you’re not able to take him.  Both these areas pick up wanderers, in one instance I had about 13 on me and nearly died so be careful when breaking in and maintaining these camps.



Levels 60-65


The werewolves are a pretty good camp to afk level but you’ll only get maybe 5-7 if you’re setup and if they all come at once you are going to be hurting so make sure you take the time to break this camp in.   The only thing that makes this a good spot is because of the Hot zone experience bonus, if this wasn’t the hot zone I’d probably find another place.

undershore werewolves


Levels 60-67

Torden, Bastion of Thunder

At level 60 this camp might be too hard to break in for some people but there’s a pretty good spot in the south where you’ll pick up a few mobs.

The trick is to put your guys near the red dots.  Once you clear inside the room leave a character that can take a few hits on top of the stairs so he draws 2 from the next room and leave one in the corner to draw those spawns you should be able to get 5-7 with the roamer that walks into the room.

bastion of thunder afk


Levels 63-68(70)

Wall of Slaughter

The first spot is sitting in the middle of the field and catching all the mobs as they walk by, this can be a very good spot but you will also pick up named mobs which can cause problems.  This zone is good because it’s a hot spot.

The 2nd spot is more static.  There’s a building full of Dragorn mobs that you can get probably up to 8 if you position your characters correctly.  There is a mob in that that can hit pretty hard and ruin your fun so make sure you take the time to break the camp in.


Levels 64-70(72)

Plane of Fire

I made the mistake of doing this zone during the anniversary so fabled mobs would randomly spawn and beat the crap out of my entire team.

How far off the wall will dictate how many walking mobs you pick up if you put yourself out in the center without breaking in the spawns you’re going to be in trouble because you can get up to 15 at a time.

Very good spot that you can take higher than 70 if you want and if you got serious balls you can try the 2nd field passed the wall.

plane of fire afk

Levels 70-75(77)

Oceangreen Hills

There is a zombie camp here with 6 static spawns.  You’ll get those and wanderers.  They hit really hard so make sure you use your tank merc to buffer the pull when you break them in and try to kill as slowly as possible during the break in.

You’ll sometimes get a named or two to roam across this path as well so if you are around your computer you can get some loot if you check every so often.


Levels 75-85

Hills of Shade

This might be the final frontier in AFK leveling as the Mercs are getting weaker and the mobs are getting stronger.  It might be possible to level slowly off light blues to 100 but the rate of experience is going to be awful since the camps won’t allow for more than 15 at a time with maximum spacing.

The run to Hills of Shade is long, even with a port, so make sure you bind yourself at the zone in when you come into the tunnel.

This camp is mean and you will die, even with a level 100 mercenary on your team, you will die.  I have broken this camp in so many times, watched it for an hour, only to come back in 30 minutes and see everyone dead.

Every now and then one runs away and pulls a bunch of random mobs at the right time and the little wisps have an aoe blind/stun which gets kind of annoying, but this is hands down the best camp to go from 75-85.  I’d try to stay at the previous camp until 77 if you can though.

There is an NPC at this camped named “Paul” that almost instantly respawns so you will always be fighting him.  He is surrounded by 4 woodcutters that you will want to break in.  When you are in the 70s these are the only 5 mobs you will want to be fighting so stand everyone right on Pauls spawn point.

As you go up in levels there are a couple of set of these gnarlers nearby that you can space out and pull 2 and 2 for a total of 9 spawns.  Spacing out even further after this point is dangers no matter what level you are but you can pull wisps and even trees at max distance, the problem is that your champions at the corners of a maximum spread triangle will have to be capable of taking a ton of damage.

hills of shade afk leveling


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