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Welcome to Almost Gaming (“Almost Gaming” or “website”). The following terms and conditions outlined below constitute Almost Gaming’s “Terms of Service” agreement. By registering and/or using this website you areherby acknowledging that you have read, understand, and agree to be bound by all the terms and conditions outlined in this Terms of Service agreement. If for some reason you do not agree to the terms outlined then please leave the Almost Gaming website.

Third Party Sites

The Almost Gaming website may contain links to third party websites which are not controlled, affiliated, endorsed, or owned by Almost Gaming. Almost Gaming is not responsible for the content, privacy policies, terms of service, or other practices of such third party sites. Almost Gaming does not edit, censor, manage, or control such sites and is not responsible for any liability or damages associated with these sites. In using this website you acknowledge that you will not hold Almost Gaming liable for the content, privacy policies, terms of service, or other practices of third party sites. In addition, you agree that Almost Gaming is Not responsible in any way for damages or liabilities you many incur from the use or visitation of such third party sites.

Website Usage

The content found within Almost Gaming includes, but is not limited to the text, graphics, and trademarks, found within the site. Unless explicitly stated elsewhere on the site, this content is the sole property of Almost Gaming. You are hereby allowed to view the content found within Almost Gaming; however, you are prohibited from copying or distributing any and all content found within the website. You understand that the content found within the website is the property of Almost Gaming and its reproduction or use elsewhere is strictly prohibited.

When registering an account on Almost Gaming you agree to provide accurate contact information and to update such personal information in a timely manner. Use of anotherindividual’s account is prohibited. You are soley responsible for the activity that occurs on your account. It is your responsibility to keep your password secure and to notify Almost Gaming of unauthorized use of your account.

You agree that you will not use your account for spam, fraudulent activities, or to harass other users. You agree to not abuse any of the privileges granted to you by your account access, such as posting comments, asking questions, private messages other users, and submitting content. Any violations of this agreement or other suspicious account activity can and will lead to your account suspension, permanent account removal, and/orIP address banning to prevent further accounts being created or accessed from your computer.

You agree that you will not use any automated system to send more requests to the Almost Gaming servers than a normal human could make in the same amount of time. You also agree that you will not collect or store personal account information, including account names and email addresses, from the Almost Gaming website, nor use the website to solicit for commercial purposes.

User Contributions

You agree that are you solely responsible for your submissions that the consequences that may arise with your submissions. You agree to only publish relevant comments in reply to other comments or contributed content. In such comments and content contribution the use of profanity, personal attacks, or other offensive language is strictly prohibited and such derogatory action can lead to account suspension, permanent account removal, and/orIP address banning to prevent further accounts being created or accessed from your computer. You agree that you will not submit any form of content that contains false or misleading information about Almost Gaming or any third party. You further agree to refrain from submitting any form of content that is obscene, hateful, unlawful, pornographic, or defamatory.

You certify that you have the right to publish any content you post to the Almost Gaming website whether by being the original creator or possessing appropriate ownership rights to the content. You agree that you will not post content to the Almost Gaming website that is stolen, plagiarized, copyrighted by a third party, or duplicated from another source. You also certify that this content does not appear elsewhere on the Internet. Any false allegations made on your part concerning the originality of your content could be a direct violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act or another copyright law and could cause legal repercussions.

You agree that your user contributions to Almost Gaming, whether in the form of content, comments, or other means, grant Almost Gaming full use and ownership of such contributions. Almost Gaming has full rights to sell, modify, publish, translate, adapt, reproduce, and do with whatever it pleases with your contributions.

You agree that on the Almost Gaming website you will be exposed to user contributions and you will not hold Almost Gaming responsible for the accuracy, legitimacy, or property rights of such contributions. You further agree that you may be exposed to user contributions that are inaccurate, indecent, or of questionable nature and you waive any rights you have or may have against Almost Gaming and its Owners in relation to these contributions.

Limitation of Liability and Warranty Disclaimer

You agree that your use of the Almost Gaming website is entirely at your own risk to the fullest extent allowed by law and Almost Gaming, its Owners, Employees and other agents do not grant or make any representations or warranties concerning the accuracy of content found within the site. Furthermore, all liabilities or damages you may incur from the use of the website or any third party site are not the responsibility or liability of Almost Gaming. You agree to hold Almost Gaming and its Owners harmless for any damages, liabilities, or issues you have from the use of the website or third party sites. In no event whatsoever shall Almost Gaming, its Owners,Employess, Officers, or other agents be liable to you for any damages.

Acceptance of Terms of Service

You declare that you understand and are fully able to enter into this “Terms of Service” agreement.

Almost Gaming reserves the right to permanently ban users from access to the site if they are unable or refuse to abide by the terms and conditions contained within this “Terms of Service” agreement.

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