Druid Talent Guide

Cataclysm Druid Talent Builds

Druids are a utility class that have many functions from healing, to dpsing, to tanking. Their three threes are comprised of Feral Combat, Restoration, and Balance. Druids are restricted to wearing cloth and leather armor. They have the ability to shape shift to help them fill their various roles. They can shapeshift into bear form to tank, cat form to dps or stealth around, seal form to swim, travel form to run and flight form to fly across the open skies, and more.

Below you will find a compilation of talent builds for Druids.

Spec Points Tree Roles Patch Ratingsort icon
Feral DPS 0-35-6 Feral Combat DPS 4.0.6
best tank feral druid 0/33/8 Feral Combat Tanking 4.3
tank bear imba spec 0/32/9 Feral Combat Tanking 4.3
terremoto 15000 Hybrid DPS 4.3
Feral Talent and glyph… 0-33-8 Feral Combat Tanking 4.0.3
Probably the best bear… 0-32-9 Hybrid Tanking 4.0.3
Cataclysm Druid Tank 0-32-9 Feral Combat Tanking 4.0.3
Best Cataclysm Druid DPS… 0-35-6 Feral Combat DPS 4.0.3
Raiding Balance Druid… 32-1-8 Balance DPS 4.0.3
Shiftycennt’s… 33-3-5 Balance DPS 4.0.3
Resto Druid 8/0/33 Restoration Healing 4.1
Feral Druid Dps 4.1 0-35-6 Feral Combat DPS 4.1
raid and dungeon 34/0/7 Balance DPS 4.1
Best Druid DPS Build 0-31-5 Feral Combat DPS 4.0

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