WoW Fishing Leveling Guide 1-600

Fishing is often used as a great way to make gold. If you were just planning on fishing for your own good or if you were actually planning on using fishing to make gold I recommend that you look at this guide because it will change the way you see gold making.

This Fishing Leveling Guide is updated for patch 5.0.5 and Mists of Pandaria.

Fishing has not changed it is still fish anywhere and catch anything to level up your skill.

This guide is all about getting to that fishing skill of 600 so you can start farming those fish you need no matter where they are to gain stat food or simply farm to sell for gold. Following this guide will guarantee that you don’t spends days fishing to get your skill up to 600.

Training the Skill

Instead of running around to various trainers I recommend that you simply go to the fishing trainers located in either Stormwind or Orgrimmar. They will be able to teach you all the fishing skills that you need to level to 600. You will also be able to fish next to them the entire time until you reach 600, which is very convenient since you won’t have to run back and forth to anywhere.

How Your Skill Progresses in Fishing

From To Catches Needed to Level Your Skill Up
1 115 1
115 150 2
150 170 3
170 190 4
190 215 5
215 235 6
235 260 7
260 280 8
280 295 9
295 300 12
300 325 9
325 365 10
365 450 11
450 500 9
500 525 10
525 600 5-15 random

Things to Know About Fishing

1. Once you train your fishing skill you will have a icon in your spellbook under the professions tab that allows you to fish.

2. You need to have your fishing pole equipped!!!!!!!!!!

3. You will gain skill ups by successful catches, this means that even if you catch junk you will still gain skills.

How to start

You’ll need to get the following equipment before you start:

Fishing Pole

This equipment isn’t really necessary but you could buy it if you decided you weren’t going to stand by the trainer the whole time to fish and wanted to catch some fish of more value.

Strong Fishing Pole
Shiny Bauble

Now that you have the basics down and know what to expect, not to mention all your gear, it is time to power level your fishing. Now this way is very simple if you are looking to get your skill up fast. Keep in mind there is no money made this way it is all about skill, you will catch a large majority of junk.

Fishing 1-600 at the Speed of Light

Follow the steps below and you will be a Illustrious Fisherman in no time!!!

1. Learn your first skill set as stated above by training with the fishing trainers in either Stormwind or Orgrimmar.

2. Begin fishing in the water. To do this all you need to do is to have your fishing pole equipped and click the fishing icon that is found in your spellbook under the professions tab. Once you cast you will see your bobber you must watch it until you get a bite which means your bobber will go underwater and back above making a splash once this happens you will right click and loot your fish that you caught.

3. Be sure to pay attention to when you can train up with the trainer again so that you aren’t fishing when your skill is maxed.

4. Remember the junk you are catching is not really worth anything (until you are actually able to catch the high level fish you won’t be catching much of any value) so you can destroy what you catch or sell it to a vendor as you need space.

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