WoW Blacksmithing Leveling Guide 1-600

Blacksmithing is a great skill to have but it relies on mining, a profession that supports Blacksmithing and can waste a lot of time. If you want to do Blacksmithing you’ll have to use Mining….unless you are smart and buy all your supplies. So take a look at this GOLD GUIDE to ensure you have enough gold for everything you need!

This Blacksmithing Leveling Guide is updated for patch 5.4 and Mists of Pandaria.

**Click here to level 1-600 using only Ghost Iron Bars**

This Blacksmithing Leveing Guide is aimed to help you with leveling your blacksmithing to 525, as quickly and cheaply as possible. Check out our Mining Leveling Guide if you will be leveling blacksmithing & mining at the same time. However, you can certainly follow this guide without mining!

Each section of this leveling guide gives the optimal path along with materials needed for leveling your blacksmithing skill. Please remember, don’t sell any crafted ‘* Grinding Stones’ until you’ve confirmed they aren’t needed in future steps. I’ve also excluded blacksmithing materials that are purchased from general vendors. If you do need to buy materials off the Auction House be sure to check out this gold guide to help you stock up.

What’s in this leveling guide:

Apprentice Blacksmithing (Leveling 1-75)

Talk to a guard to find the city’s Blacksmithing Trainer, you can use any trainer all the way to level 525. For leveling from 1-75, all you need is 6 stacks of Rough Stone and about 15 Coarse Stone. These should be very cheap on the Auction House, just a few gold total. Before you get to far into Blacksmithing, be prepared for it to get extremely expensive, check out this guide to learn how to make all the gold you need.

40-45 Rough Sharpening Stone
40-45 Rough Stones
35-40 Rough Grinding Stone
70-80 Rough Stones
Save 20 of these, we’ll use them later in the guide.
10-15 Coarse Sharpening Stone
10-15 Coarse Stone


Journeyman Blacksmithing (Leveling 75-150)

Leveling from 75 to 150 will cost mostly Bronze & Copper. You’re really better off buying this stuff off the Auction House opposed to running around Elmwyn or Durator looking for it (it’ll just take too long). You are going to need a ton of gold leveling Blacksmithing to 450, so you better start farming it now. Read this guide to learn the best tips and tricks.

50 Coarse Grinding Stone
100 Corase Stone
Make and save at least 50, we’ll use them later in the guide.
5 Runed Copper Belt
50 Copper
7-8 Silver Rods
7-8 Silver Bars & 14-16 Rough Grinding Stones
3-5 Silver Skeleton Keys
3-5 Silver Bars & 3-5 Rough Grinding Stones
15 Rough Bronze Shoulders
75 Bronze Bars & 15 Coarse Grinding Stones
7-10 Heavy Sharpening Stone
7-10 Heavy Stones
55+ Heavy Grinding Stone
105+ Heavy Stones
You need to save at least 55 of these for later in the guide.


Expert Blacksmithing (Leveling 150-220)

Leveling to 220 you’ll need the 55 Heavy Grinding Stones that you crafted earlier in this guide. You will also need a ton of Iron and Steel (Steel is Iron+Coal smelted by a Miner) If you can’t afford all these minerals read this guide to learn how to farm gold more effectively.

10-13 Golden Rod
10-13 Gold Bars & 20-26 Coarse Grinding Stones
5 Green Iron Leggings
40 Iron, 5 Heavy Grinding Stones & 5 Green Dye
Green Dye can be purchased from Tailoring Suppliers, Leatherworking Suppliers and some Trade Suppliers.
25 Green Iron Bracers
150 Iron Bars & 25 Green Dye
If you’re a miner, at level 185 move to the next step of this guide, smelting your own Steel, it’s cheaper. You’ll need 10 more Heavy Grinding Stones & 25 extra Steel than estimated.
10 Golden Scale Bracers
50 Steel Bars & 20 Heavy Grinding Stone
20-30 Solid Grinding Stone
80-120 Solid Stone
Save at least 20 of these to use later in the guide.
10-15 Golden Scale Bracers
50-75 Steel Bars & 20-30 Heavy Grinding Stone
If Steel is too expensive make 10 Heavy Mithril Gauntlets.


Artisan Blacksmithing (Leveling 220-300)

Leveling your blacksmithing from 220 to 300 with this guide will require a lot of Mithril (almost 300, 15 stacks) and a TON of Thorium (420, 21 stacks) Just the Thorium alone can cost more than 1,000g. There isn’t a better way to get Blacksmithing from 260-300 though, so you’ll need to farm tons of gold, to learn how: read this guide.

15-20 Heavy Mithril Gauntlet
90-120 Mithril Bars & 60-80 Mageweave Cloth
If you want to save gold you can travel to Gharash in Swamp of Sorrows (Horde) or Harggan The Hinterlands (Alliance) and check for Plans: Mithril Scale Bracers which are a little cheaper to craft from 225-235.
15 Mithril Coif
150 Mithril Bars & 90 Mageweave Cloth
If you can find Plans: Mithril Spurs on the Auction House, buy it and craft Mithril Spurs from 235-250 and 260-265. It will save you a ton of gold.
10-20 Dense Sharpening Stone
10-20+ Dense Sharpening Stone
This will turn green at 257 and may require a ton of extra crafts, but the stone is really cheap so keep at it until 260.
15 Thorium Bracers
120 Thorium Bars
15 Imperial Plate Bracers
180 Thorium
10 Thorium Helm
120 Thorium Bars and 10 Star Ruby


Master Blacksmithing (Leveling 300-350)

Leveling blacksmithing from 300 to 350 with this guide will require a lot of Fel Iron, about 155 or ~8 stacks, along with at least 4 stacks of Adamantite (but probably more) You should pick these up off the Auction House instead of flying around the Outlands looking for them (it’ll take you a long time) If you don’t know how to make tons of gold quickly yet, it’s about time you quit ignoring me and read this guide.

5-10 Fel Weightstone
5-10 Fel Iron Bars & 5-10 Netherweave Cloth
10 Fel Iron Plate Belt
40 Fel Iron Bars
5 Fel Iron Chain Gloves
25 Fel Iron Bars
5 Fel Iron Plate Boots
30 Fel Iron Bars
5-10 Lesser Rune of Warding
5-10 Adamantite Bars
5 Fel Iron Breastplate
50 Fel Iron
If Adamantite is cheaper than Fel Iron you can skip to the next step early.
5 Adamantite Cleaver
40 Adamantite Bars

You can purchase this recipe from:

20-25 Lesser Ward of Shielding
20-25 Adamantite Bars

This is the best way to 350, even though it turns green at 345 it’s only 1 Adamantite per craft. You will need to purchase it from:


Grand Master Blacksmithing (Leveling 350-425)

Leveling Blacksmithing to 425 with this guide will cost 100s or Cobalt, Saronite and a few Titanium. You can buy these over a few days off the Auction House to keep prices low or go all at it and buyout the Auction House (look for Ore to smelt, sometimes it’s cheaper) Either way you’ll need a load of gold. If you have read this guide, you won’t have a problem farming all the gold you need to get Blacksmithing to 450.

10 Cobalt Skeleton Key
40 Cobalt Bars
10 Cobalt Bracers or Shoulders
40 Cobalt Bars
10 Cobalt Gauntlets
50 Cobalt Bars
5 Spiked Cobalt Boots
35 Cobalt Bars
5 Spiked Cobalt Shoulders
35 Cobalt Bars
5 Notched Cobalt War Axe
50 Cobalt Bars
5 Brilliant Saronite Belt (or Tempered)
30 Cobalt & 25 Saronite Bars
5 Horned Cobalt Helm
40 Cobalt
10 Deadly Saronite Dirk
70 Saronite Bars & 20 Crystalized Air (2 Eternal Air)
5 Tempered Saronite Gauntlets
70 Saronite Bars
5 Titanium Rods
10 Saronite & 5 Titanium Bars
Titanium Rods will sell on the auction house.


Illustrious Blacksmithing (Leveling 425-525)

This is the Cataclysm part of the guide. Here you will be able to level all the way up to 525 and train Illustrious Blacksmithing. Leveling to 525 can be very very expensive so check out this guide to learn how to make all the gold you need.

94 Folded Obsidium
188 Obsidium Bars
You will need around 94 Folded Obsidium to reach level 525, so keep these on you until then.
1 Stormforged Gauntlets
6 Folded Obsidium, 8 Volatile Earth
1 Redsteel Gauntlets
3 Folded Obsidium
You can also make either a Hardened Obsidium Shield or Hardened Obsidium Gauntlets
1 Stormforged Gauntlets
6 Folded Obsidium, 8 Volatile Earth
3 Redsteel Belt
12 Folded Obsidium, 3 Volatile Earth
You can also make Hardened Obsidium Belts or Stormfroged Belts
Decapitator’s Razor
20 Folded Obsidium, 8 Volatile Earth per attempt
1 Obsidium Bladespear
12 Folded Obsidium, 10 Volatile Earth, 4 Volatile Fire
1 Cold-Forged Shank
15 Folded Obsidium, 6 Volatile Earth, 4 Volatile Water
As an alternative you can make Obsidium Skeleton Keys which cost 2 Folded Obsidium each to craft.
2 Obsidium Executioner
20 Folded Obsidium, 20 Elementium Bar, 12 Volatile Earth
4 Stormforged Helm
80 Elementium Bar, 32 Volatile Earth
If Obsidium is cheap, consider making Hardened Obsidium Helms as well
3 Redsteel Breastplate
45 Elementium Bars, 45 Volatile Earth
9 Vicious Ornate Pyrium Belt
90 Elementium Bars, 90 Volatile Water
You must purchase this from either the Twilight Highlands Metal Trader or a Blacksmithing Supplies vendor in a major city, it costs 20 Elementium Bars.
5 Vicious Ornate Pyrium Shoulders
60 Elementium Bars, 50 Volatile Water
You must purchase this from either the Twilight Highlands Metal Trader or a Blacksmithing Supplies vendor in a major city, it costs 2 Hardened Elementium Bars.

Zen Master Blacksmithing (Leveling 525-600)

This is the Mist of Pandaria part of the guide. Here you will be able to level all the way up to 600 and train Zen Master Blacksmithing. Leveling to 600 can be very very expensive so check out this guide to learn how to make all the gold you need.

1 Ghostly Skeleton Key
1 Ghost Iron Bar
You can train Zen Master at 500 and for some of you just leveling up this will aid you starting at 500.
5 Ghost-Forged Bracers
25 Ghost Iron Bars
If you started at 525 Make Ghostly Skeleton Key until you reach 526.
2 Ghost Forged Belt
14 Ghost Iron Bars
4 Ghost-Forged Boots
28 Ghost Iron Bars
1 Lightsteel Shield
9 Ghost Iron Bars
2 Spiritguard Shield
18 Ghost Iron Bars
2 Ghost-Forged Breastplate
24 Ghost Iron Bar
12 Ghost-Forged Shoulders
84 Ghost Iron Bars
10 Contender’s Revenant Helm
70 Ghost Iron Bars
At this point you will need to use 1 Spirit of Harmony to purchase a recipe from either Jorunga Stonehoof(Horde) or Cullen Hammerbrow(Alliance) both are found in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms after completing the quest A Celestial Experience which requires level 87.

It doesn’t matter which recipe you choose as they will all sell well on the auction house to PvP players. Also to save yourself some Ghost Iron Bars you can can do “Baby Needs Two Pair of Shoes” quest which will give you 5 points in blacksmithing if it is during the Darkmoon Faire.

Enjoy your level 600 Blacksmithing!

Thanks for using this Blacksmithing Leveling Guide! I hope you enjoyed it and enjoyed leveling to 600. If you want to learn more about making gold with blacksmithing, read this guide next.

If you see something wrong or have feedback for this guide send an email to: webmaster[at]

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  1. So uhhh… you should really take out that 500-525 portion from cataclysm. I spaced out and wasted about 5000g following this guide step by step. =/

  2. On the step from 420 to 425, now that the Titanium Rod is gone from the game, I recommend the Titanium Weapon Chain. It takes the exact same mats, unfortunately without the sell options the Rod had.

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