WoW Tailoring Leveling Guide 1-600

Tailoring is a useful and profitable profession to have but it can be a bit pricey to level up.  You’ll go through hundreds of pieces of various types of cloth.  Farming for all of this cloth isn’t worth the time, it’s far easier and faster to simply buy your mats on the Auction House.  If you don’t think you can afford to buy them all or hope to make gold with your Tailoring once you level it up take a look a this guide before you start Tailoring.

This Tailoring Leveling Guide is updated for patch 5.0.5 and Mists of Pandaria.

Here is an Apprentice to Zen Master Tailoring leveling guide (levels 1 to 600). Leveling Tailoring requires an amazingly large amount of mats to level up. Below are step by step instructions for leveling Tailoring using only basic recipes and materials. If you need more gold in order to finish leveling your Tailoring then take a look at this guide. Enjoy!

What’s in this guide:

  • Materials Required
  • Apprentice Tailoring Guide (Levels 1-75)
  • Journeyman Tailoring Guide (Levels 75-125)
  • Expert Tailoring Guide (Levels 125-230)
  • Artisan Tailoring Guide (Levels 230-300)
  • Master Tailoring Guide (Levels 300-350)
  • Grand Master Tailoring Guide (Levels 350-425)
  • Cataclysm Illustrious Tailoring Guide (Levels 425-525)
  • Zen Master Tailoring Guide (Levels 525-600)

Materials Required for Leveling Tailoring from 1-600 (approximate)

Here is a list of all the cloth and items you will need off the Auction House to level from 1-600.  You’ll also need to purchase various threads and dyes from vendors but I have left them out of this list since they are easy and cheap to obtain.

  •    120 Linen Cloth
  •    195 Wool Cloth
  •    620 Silk Cloth
  •    420 Mageweave Cloth
  •    720 Runecloth
  •    760 Netherweave Cloth
  • 30-32 Knothide Leather
  • 1,160 Frostweave Cloth
  • 20-24 Infinite Dust
  •      20 Eternal Shadow
  • 1,825 Embersilk Cloth
  •      75 Volatile Fire
  •      75 Volatile Water
  • 275 Windwool Cloth

Apprentice Tailoring Guide (Levels 1-75)

Leveling up Apprentice Tailoring will require a bunch of Linen Cloth and Coarse Thread. Linen can be easily obtained as you’re leveling or you can go back to places like the Deadmines later to farm the linen you need or simply buy it on the Auction House.

60 Bolt of Linen Cloth
120 Linen Cloth
Save these for the following steps.
15 Heavy Linen Gloves
30 Bolt of Linen Cloth, 15 Coarse Thread
15 Reinforced Linen Cape
30 Bolt of Linen Cloth, 45 Coarse Thread


Journeyman Tailoring Guide (Levels 75-125)

Journeyman Tailoring is the Wool Cloth stage of Tailoring.  Wool Cloth is cheap enough to just grab on the Auction House, the rest of the materials can be found at a tailoring or trade supplies vendor.

65 Bolt of Woolen Cloth
195 Wool Cloth
Save these for the following steps.
10 Gray Woolen Shirt
20 Bolt of Woolen Cloth, 10 Fine Thread, 10 Gray Dye
15 Double-stitched Woolen Shoulders
45 Bolt of Woolen Cloth, 30 Fine Thread


Expert Tailoring Guide (Levels 125-205)

You’ll need Silk Cloth for these levels.  The best place to get silk is either Scarlet Monastery or the Auction House, it’s one of the most popular or easy to find cloths so it typically is less expensive than Mageweave. Note that when you get to level 175 you’ll stop to craft at least 10 Bolt of Mageweave to reach 185.

155 Bolt of Silk Cloth
620 Silk Cloth
Save these for the following steps.
15 Azure Silk Hood
30 Bolt of Silk Cloth, 30 Blue Dye, 15 Fine Thread
10 Silk Headband
30 Bolt of Silk Cloth, 20 Fine Thread
5 Formal White Shirt
15 Bolt of Silk Cloth, 10 Bleach, 5 Fine Thread
105 Bolt of Mageweave
420 Mageweave Cloth
Save these for the following steps.
20 Crimson Silk Vest
80 Bolt of Silk Cloth, 40 Red Dye, 40 Fine Thread


Artisan Tailoring Guide (Levels 205-300)

If you are having a slow time farming cloths buy them on the Auction House, if you don’t have the money then take a look at this gold guide so you have the gold to finish off leveling your Tailoring.

Since you have already crafted Bolts of Mageweave, you can continue until 250 making gear with it. At level 250 you will start using Runecloth.

10 Black Mageweave Leggings
20 Bolt of Mageweave, 30 Silken Thread
10-12 Orange Mageweave Shirt
10-12 Bolt of Mageweave, 10-12 Orange Dye, 10-12 Heavy Silken Thread
5 Black Mageweave Gloves
10 Bolt of Mageweave, 10 Heavy Silken Thread
20-22 Black Mageweave Headband
60-66 Bolt of Mageweave, 40-44 Heavy Silken Thread
180 Bolt of Runecloth
720 Runecloth
Save these for the following steps.
15-17 Runecloth Belt
45-51 Bolt of Runecloth, 15-17 Rune Thread
20-23 Runecloth Gloves
100-115 Bolt of Runecloth, 40-46 Rune Thread
5 Runecloth Headband
30 Bolt of Runecloth, 10 Rune Thread


Master Tailoring Guide (Levels 300-350)

This part of the guide will take you through 300-350. You will need about 760 pieces of Netherweave Cloth to finish off these levels.

152 Bolt of Netherweave
760 Netherweave Cloth
Save these for the following steps.
10 Netherweave Pants
60 Bolt of Netherweave, 10 Rune Thread
You can save a little bit of gold crafting 10-15 Bolts of Imbued Netherweave. But you will need to visit one of these trainers.
15-17 Netherweave Boots
90-96 Bolt of Netherweave, 30-32 Knothide Leather, 15-17 Rune Thread
You can save a little bit of gold crafting Netherweave Tunic at 345, but you will need to visit one of these trainers.


Grand Master Tailoring Guide (Levels 350-425)

Now it’s time to craft items with Frostweave Cloth. It should be available on the Auction House pretty cheap but you will need about 58 stacks so it might break your bank. If you’re short on gold take a look at this gold guide to help you finish leveling up your Tailoring.

232 Bolt of Frostweave
1160 Frostweave Cloth
Save these for the following steps.
5 Frostwoven Belt
15 Bolt of Frostweave, 5 Eternium Thread
5 Frostwoven Boots
20 Bolt of Frostweave, 5 Eternium Thread
10-12 Frostwoven Leggings
50-60 Bolt of Frostweave, 10-12 Eternium Thread
5 Duskweave Belt
35 Bolt of Frostweave, 5 Eternium Thread
10-12 Bolt of Imbued Frostweave
20-24 Bolt of Frostweave, 20-24 Infinite Dust
Save these for the following steps.
5 Duskweave Wristwraps
40 Bolt of Frostweave, 5 Eternium Thread
5 Duskweave Gloves
45 Bolt of Frostweave, 5 Eternium Thread
10 Ebonweave
10 Bolts of Imbued Frostweave, 20 Eternal Shadow
You can also make Moonshroud and Spellweave, check the prices of Eternals.


Illustrious Tailoring Guide (Levels 425-525)

Here is what you’ll have to go through when leveling up your Illustrious Tailoring skills in Cataclysm. Expect to use almost 2,000 Embersilk Cloth before you get to 525.

367 Bolt of Embersilk Cloth
1835 Embersilk Cloth
If you do not have enough Embersilk to start, you can craft enough bolts to get to 450 and continue.
5 Deathsilk Bracers
10 Bolt of Embersilk Cloth, 10 Eternium Thread
5 Deathsilk Boots
15 Bolt of Embersilk Cloth, 10 Eternium Thread
5 Deathsilk Leggings
15 Bolt of Embersilk Cloth, 10 Eternium Thread
5 Deathsilk Cowl
15 Bolt of Embersilk Cloth, 10 Eternium Thread
5 Spiritmend Belt
20 Bolt of Embersilk Cloth, 10 Eternium Thread
5 Spiritmend Boots
20 Bolt of Embersilk Cloth, 10 Eternium Thread
5 Spiritmend Leggings
20 Bolt of Embersilk Cloth, 10 Eternium Thread
15 Spiritmend Robe
90 Bolt of Embersilk Cloth, 30 Eternium Thread
5 Vicious Embersilk Bracers
30 Bolt of Embersilk Cloth, 20 Volatile Fire, 20 Volatile Water
5 Vicious Embersilk Shoulders
30 Bolt of Embersilk Cloth, 15 Volatile Fire, 15 Volatile Water
3 Vicious Embersilk Belt
30 Bolt of Embersilk Cloth, 12 Volatile Water, 12 Volatile Fire
2 Vicious Embersilk Gloves
20 Bolt of Embersilk Cloth, 8 Volatile Water, 8 Volatile Fire
5 Vicious Embersilk Boots
50 Bolt of Embersilk Cloth, 20 Volatile Water, 20 Volatile Fire


Zen Master Tailoring Guide (Levels 525-600)

At 500 you can train this if needed from any tailoring trainer in major cities. It will require at least a level 80 character to get max skill

51 Bolt of Windwool Cloth
255 Windwool Cloth
7 Windwool Shoulders
28 Bolt of Windwool Cloth
3 Windwool Tunic
25 Bolt of Windwool Cloth
Song of Harmony or Any Contenders piece you buy from MOP vendor
Spirit of Harmony
Now if you have plenty of Windwool Cloth you can make the items that are yellow and green till 600 but it would be a huge waste but maybe you have no Spirit of Harmony to complete it this way


If you see something wrong or have feedback for this guide send an email to: webmaster[at]

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