Priest Talent Guide

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* Cataclysm Priest Talent Builds

PriestPriests are the traditional healing class of World of Warcraft; however, they are also superior Shadow damage dealers and can also be specced to be powerful hybrid healers/Holy damage dealers. The Priest talent trees are Discipline, Shadow, and Holy. Contained within the Shadow tree are talents to increase spell critical strike rating, increase spell damage of Shadow spells, and utility talents like Silence and threat reduction. Contained within the Holy tree are talents designed to maximize healing and Holy damage. Contained within the Discipline tree are talents designed to increase mana regeneration, provide for more damage absorption, and better buffs.

Below you will find a list of talent builds created by players.

Spec Points Tree Roles Patch Ratingsort icon
Disciplie Best PvP Arena… 33-8-0 Discipline Arena 4.0.6
ARENA discipline Priest… 33-8-0 Hybrid Healing 4.3
Disc pure heal/Gheal 31-10-0 Discipline Healing 4.0.3
Best Cataclysm Priest… 10-0-31 Shadow DPS 4.0.3
Atonement/Greater Heal… 33-8-0 Discipline Healing 4.0.3
shadow maximization 10-0-31 Shadow DPS 4.0.3
Best Disc pvp/arena build 31-8-2 Discipline Healing 4.0.3
Disc priest PvP spec 32/8/1 Beast Mastery Arena 4.0.3
Discipline Cataclzsm …. 31-9-1 Discipline Healing 4.0.3
Discipline Priest PvE… 31-7-3 Discipline Healing 4.2
Best Raid Healing Priest… 6-31-4 Holy Healing 4.2
Discipline healing for… 32/9/0 Discipline Healing 4.2
Pre-Raid Disc build 33-5-3 Discipline Healing 4.2
Raiding Holy Build 6/31/4 Holy Healing 4.1
Shadow pvp 9-0-32 Shadow World PvP 4.1
Best Priest DPS Build 3-0-33 Shadow DPS 4.0

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