Best Grinding Spot For Leveling 87-90 Bamboo Pythons – Best Sha Leather Farming

In Jade Forest, for whatever reason, their are a bunch of elite snakes that are level 85.  On a level 87 character they give up to 50k experience with rested and about 25k per kill non rested experience.


Bamboo Python Farming


They are skinnable and you’ll end up with a lot of Sha Leather by farming that area from 87-90.  I think at level 87 it’s safe for all classes to farm them, they might be farmable at a lower level but you’d have to try it out.


Their are plenty of snakes and this location serves as the best grind spot in terms of making some gold if you’re a skinner and leveling.


For those of you who are sick of questing or just looking to burn a little rested experience off, this is a very good spot to level at.






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