Draenor Hunter Leveling Tips 90-100

I’ve leveled two hunters to 100 since Warlords has been out (1 horde, 1 alliance) and I just want to go over a few things that will help you level to 100 as fast as possible.   The points to cover in this post will be Garrison Items, Outposts Selection, Talents, and Glyphs.

First off, I tried all of the other talent builds and hands down, Beast Mastery is still the best build for leveling.  At some points you may want to put your pet into tank mode with tenacity but most of the time you can leave it in a DPS Spec.  There are some elite and rares that tank mode will help but as a Beast Mastery Hunter you’ll be able to take on all of the rares and elites pretty much by yourself with your pet.

Best Spec for Leveling in Draenor

For talents there are a few selections you can have that will help you level and the rest are for your preference.

BM Talent Selection for Leveling

I went with Narrow Escape, Intimidation, Spirit Bond, Dire Beast, Blink Strikes, Glaive Toss, and Adaptation at 100.  The talents in bold are ones that will directly benefit BM and leveling, the rest you can choose whatever you’d like.

BM Glyph Selection for Leveling

Glyphs are less important but Animal Bond, Glyph of Liberation, and Glyph of Mending for your Major Glyphs will help you stay alive.

Experience Bonus Potion from Garrison Vendor

At level 91 you can purchase an Excess Potion of Accelerated Learning from the Innkeeper in your Garrison, these will provide you a 20% experience bonus.

Building Selection for Garrison

At level 90 you can only have 1 large and 1 small plot with a level 1 garrison.  The small plots don’t really matter for leveling unless you’re using some type of profession based items etc, you can choose those on your own.  For large buildings you’ll want to pick between Stables and a War Mill.

The Stables will allow you to stay mounted and interact with objects across Draenor later on giving you a speed bonus, the War Mill will increase your chances and levels of upgrades which can give you better gear to level with.

At level 92 you’ll be able to upgrade to Garrison Level 2 which gives you some additional buildings but you’ll get a medium plot.  For medium buildings for leveling we have a Tavern that gets us some daily quests which might help leveling.  What I’m going to suggest is you stick with a Lumber Mill so that you can gather more garrison resources to upgrade your other buildings faster.

At Level 98 if you have an outpost in Nagrand you’ll be able to upgrade a Barracks to Level 2.  A level 2 Barracks allows you to have a bodyguard come with which will increase your damage output.  You may want to consider switching your large building plot to a Barracks if this interests you.


The next thing we need to look at in leveling to 90 is Outposts.  Outposts are what you get in every zone where you don’t have a garrison.  It’s a small little command post you can use and comes with a Garrison Ability which can help you level a lot faster.

Gorgrond 92-94

Lumber Yard – Let’s you summon a Shredder that lets you cut through vines and caches for Garrison Resources.

Sparring Arena – Summons an arena Champion to fight by your side for 1 minute.

If you’re looking to level faster, get the Sparring Arena, if you’re looking to gather resources for upgrades then the Lumber Yard is a good idea.

Talador 94-96

Arcane Sanctum – summons orb to location that electricutes enemies within 15 yards

Arsenal – artillery strike at targetted location, 3 charges over 3 seconds.

I personally prefer to go with Arsenal, you can build up to 3 charges so you can continuously bombard an area or you can make massive AoE pulls and use this ability.  It’s designed for quick damage where the orb is more of long consistent damage.

Spires of Arak 96-98

Smuggling Run – summons a rare goods vendor that has some neat products

Brewery – 20% experience increase and ability to teleport back to Garrison.

Hands down Brewery if you’re interested in leveling speed, if you play for novelties though the Smuggling Run is probably more up your alley.

Nagrand 98-100

Tankworks – lets you summon a Siege Engine or Demolisher that has abilities that deal damage to enemies.

Coral – let’s you ride a talbuk or war wolf that can be used in combat and when interacting with objects.

I went with the Coral because mounting and dismounting slows down leveling a lot.  This was an extra boost to get quests done and get places faster.  The only time it dismounts is if you go in a cave or inside something.


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