AoE Grinding Guide – AoE Leveling

Back in the old days it used to be only Frost Mages who could AoE Grind, but now just about every class can AoE Grind.  Having said that, this guide will work for the Death Knight, Druid, Hunter, Mage, Rogue, Shaman, Paladin, Priest, Warrior, Warlock, and Monk.

Some classes prefer smaller pulls while some, like the mage and protection paladin, will enjoy larger pulls.  There is something for everyone.

Keep in mind that Blizzard doesn’t prefer people AoE Grind and nerfs spots continuously or makes it not worthwhile to level this way.  However, there are plenty of times that AoE leveling is still great.  If you need a break from questing or want to farm cloth, leather, or drops from enemies; aoe leveling is great for that purpose.

In some spots you can level faster by grinding than questing, in other areas, the reverse is true.  Below you’ll find a complete list of AoE Grinding Locations arranged by expansion.  Please keep in mind that the levels column is the level range of the mobs, not the suggested levels to be there.  If you like a challenge try something around your level or higher, if you want it easy, try something below you.

WoW AoE Grinding Spots

Levels Zone Area Location Mobs Notes
12-13 Silverpine Forest Fenris Isle 65,33 Hillsbrad Refugees 3-5 per pull, humanoids, Horde Only
12-13 Darkshore Ruins of Mathystra 60,18 Shatterspear 3-6 per pull, humanoids, have a ranged attack at start of pull
13-14 Westfall The Dust Plains 60,72 Gnolls 3-5, humanoids, pull melee to casters at camps to gather
14-15 Northern Barrens SW of Sludge Fen 53,30 Savannah Lions 3-5 per pull, skinnable
15-16 Redridge Mountains Lake Everstill 44,63 Murlocs 3-7 per pull, humanoid, some casters
15-16 Darkshore Ameth’Aran 54,57 Earth Elementals 3-4 per pull, elementals
16-18 Northern Barrens Boulderload Mine 66,14 Venture Co. 3-5 per pull normally, humanoids
16-18 Northern Barrens The Dry Hills 29, 33 Witchwings 3-5 per pull, humanoids
18-19 Darkshore The Master’s Glaive 40,83 Twilight Humanoids 3-6 per pull, humanoids, miners come off the hills, pull them to the existing camps
21-22 Hillsbrad Foothills Netherland Stead 57,74 Mosshide Gnolls 3-8 per pull, humanoids, watch for casters
22 Wetlands Whelgar’s Excavation Site 34,47 Elementals 3-5 per pull, elementals, they do a ranged attack that lasts a bit before they gather
22 Wetlands Black Channel Marsh 25,48 Mottled Screecher 3-5 in camps with roamers, skinnable, they are all along the mountains in this area
22-23 Hillsbrad Foothills Darrow Hill 46,54 Cave Yeti 2-4 per pull, humanoids, skinnable
23-24 Ashenvale The Skunkworks 56,62 Goblins 3-5 per pull, humanoids, technicians etc, they throw bombs at start sometimes, small group, kill roamers until respawn
24-25 Duskwood Raven Hill Cemetery 23,36 Ghouls 3-5 per pull, undead, throughout entire graveyard, pulls are somewhat spaced
25-26 Northern Stranglethorn Vale Zuuldaia Ruins 19,25 Bloodscalps 3-7, humanoids, pull melee to casters
25-26 Northern Stranglethorn Vale The Savage Coast 21,42 Water elementals 3-5 per pull, island out in the middle of the water in the northwest
25-26 Hillsbrad Foothills Ruins of Alterac 46,26 Crushridge Ogres 3-6 per pull, humanoids
26 Arathi Highlands Dabyrie’s Farmstead 50,41 Dabyrie Laborer 3-12 per pull, humanoids, Horde Only
27-28 Arathi Highlands Go’Shek Farm 56,60 Hammerfall Grunts 3-10 per pull, watch the mobs around edge, humanoids, Alliance only
28-29 Arathi Highlands Southwest of Boulderfist Hall 41,83 Raptors 3-4 per pull, skinnable, these are available all over the zone as well
31-32 The Hinterlands Skulk Rock 58,41 Slimes 3-4 per pull, inside cave and outside, be careful if you need space
32-33 The Cape of Stranglethorn The Damsel’s Luck 51,91 Bloodsail 3-6 per pull, humanoids, you can grab up to 4 off the top deck or run downstairs and pull more from the bottom up top, and then go to the next ship
33-34 Desolace Gelkis Village 35,83 Gelkis 3-5 per pull, humanoids
33-35 Southern Barrens Frazzlecraz Motherlode 40,80 Goblins 3-6 per pull, humanoids
32-34 Southern Barrens Bael Modan Excavation 47,87 Humanoids 3-5 per pull, humanoids, the horde and alliance are battling each other but you can gather their mobs to yourself, if you’re horde you’ll be fighting Bael’Dun, the alliance will pull Excavation Raiders
36-37 Dustwallow Marsh SE of Brackhoof Village 47,17 Raptors 3-5 per pull, skinnable
35-36 Dustwallow Marsh Dreadmurk Shore 57,15 Murlocs 3-9 per pull, humanoids, some are ranged, head out to the islands and the camps and make a grouping that suits your needs
35-36 Dustwallow Marsh Darkmist Cavern 34,22 Spiders 3-5 per pull, you can get 5 in a group if you hit them with a range to bring them to you after gathering a few
35-36 Dustwallow Marsh Lost Point 35,53 Therarmore Deserters 3-6 per pull, humanoids, can get 6 in a grouping if you’re smart about it
35-36 Western Plaguelands Sorrow Hill 50,76 Withdrawn Souls 3-6 per pull, undead, Horde Only
36 Feralas Rage Scar Hold 51,32 Yetis 3-4 per pull, skinnable, 4 per pull is hard to do, would only use for smaller aoe’s / skinners
37-38 Dustwallow Marsh Bloodfen Burrow 32,65 Bloodfen Raptors 3-5 per pull, skinnable
37-39 Western Plaguelands Gahrron’s Withering 63,58 Wailing Death 3-6 per pull, undead
38 Feralas Woodpaw Hills 72,56 Gnolls 3-5 per pull, humanoids, pull the melee mobs to the casters at camps, or hit the casters with silence and pull them to where they need to go
38-39 Feralas Writhing Deep 77,63 Zukk’ash 3-4 per pull, this is inside a cave, in the rooms after you run through halls you can usually gather 3-4 together but it’s pretty much singles while running down the halls between rooms
38-39 Feralas Gordunni Outpost 75,33 Ogres 3-4 per pull, humanoids
40-41 Thousand Needles SE Twilight Withering 65,70 Scorpids 3-5 per pull, skinnable, on the ridge
42-43 Eastern Plaguelands Zul’Mashar 65,13 Infected Mossflayer 1 pull of 15, smaller pulls around the area, undead, there are graves on the ground, run over the top and they spawn, kill around area until they respawn, be careful not to spawn more graves than you can handle as they stun
44-45 Tanaris Sandsorrow Watch 38,23 Zombie 3-6 per pull, humanoids, you have to click on graves in the area and run to the next one and keep clicking a mob spawns from each
44-45 Tanaris Lost Rigger Cove 72,46 Pirates Even with the changes to this area you can still pull 5-6 at a time, they are all in combat but if you get them before their health is too low you’ll get exp for them
46-47 Felwood Jaedenar 40,55 Tainted Ooze 3-5 per pull, there are ooze in the green pits throughout the zone that you can pull as well
46-47 Tanaris Dunemal Compound 42,56 Ogres In front of the cave you can pull up to 5 maybe 6, some smaller pulls in the area
48-51 Un’Goro Crater The Marshlands 66,67 Raptors Can get 3-4, sometimes 5 in a pull, skinnable
50-51 Burning Steppes Black Tooth Hovel 44,62 War Kodo 3-5, skinnable, they do a stun so be careful
50-51 Burning Steppes Fields of Honor 35,35 Blackrock Soldiers These sit in groups of 25, they are most likely reduced experience, but you get loot off them, at least 3 groups of them
51-52 Winterspring Ice Thistle Hills 70,53 Yeti 3-4 per pull, skinnable, outside and inside cave, limited space while inside cave to move around
52-53 Swamp of Sorrows Misty Reed Strand 82,84 Murlocs 3-5 per pull, humanoids, all along the water front
54-55 Silithus Twilight Outpost 29,76 Twilight 3-5 per pull, humanoids, silence casters and pull wandering melee to them at the camps.
54-55 Swamp of Sorrows Purespring Cavern 18,57 Elementals 3-5 per pull, elementals
55-56 Blasted Lands Shattershore 68,40 Gilnean Undead 3-5 per pull, look by the boats
57-58 Blasted Lands The Tainted Forest 33,79 Boglords 3-6 per pull, giants

 Burning Crusade AoE Grinding Spots

Levels Zone Area Location Mobs Notes
58-59 Hellfire Peninsula Valley of Bones 65,63 Buzzards Can get 3-6 per pull in the area, use mount to run through them to collect
59-60 Hellfire Peninsula Expedition Armory 58,78 Unyielding There’s one long pull of about 15 if you run along the ridge, then you have to go inside and fight until respawn.
59-61 Hellfire Peninsula Razorthorn Trail 40,84 Razorfang 3-6 per pull, skinnable
60-61 Hellfire Peninsula The Great Fissure 33,59 Stonescythe up to 4 per pull, possibly 6 if done right, there’s 2 per pillar, if you stand in the middle and range pull each pillar you could probably pull 4 pillars to yourself for 8 total, skinnable
61-62 Hellfire Peninsula SE of Temple of Telhamat 25,45 Buzzards This is the big camp, use your mount to collect, can get up to 9 or more in pull, there’s 3 sets
62-65 Nagrand West of Telaar 45,73 Clefthoof These travel in packs of up to 5 most are non aggressive so you have to pull them all, but the packs cross sometimes and youc an get up to 15 a pull, skinnable
63-64 Zangarmarsh The Spawning Glen 16,62 Bog Lords 3-6 per pull if pulled to you
63-64 Zangarmarsh Quagg Ridge 27,65 Bog Lords 3-6 per pull if pulled to you
64-65 Terrokar Forest South of Allerian Stronghold 55,60 Dreadfang Widows These run for a long ways south, you can get 3-6 if you range pull them to you, they drop netherweb spider silk, which is useful for tailors
66-67 Nagrand Ancestral Grounds 26,60 Orc Spirits 2-6 per pull if you pull them to you with ranged
67-68 Netherstorm The Heap 31,76 Zaxxis 2-10 per pull in some areas, humanoids
67-68 Netherstorm Manaforge Coruu 51,83 Sunfury Was able to get a pull of 10 on the east side, smaller pulls in the area as well, humanoids
68 Blade’s Edge Mountains Death’s Door 64,67 Death’s Might 2-8 per pull if pulled to you
68-69 Netherstorm Eco-Dome Midrealm 45,51 Beasts There are cats you can get 3-4 per pull, and crocs that you can probably get up to 7 in a pull i the lakes, good spot for skinners
69-70 Shadowmoon Valley Ruins of Baa’ri 57,36 Ashtongue Workers 3-8 per pull, humanoids, theres other groups of mobs you can aoe and watch for the casters just pull the group right ontop of them
70 Shadowmoon Valley The Black Temple 68,52 Demon Hunter Supplicants There’s about 30 of them in sets of 2, you can pull them all in one pull or smaller pulls, watch for the level 70 elite, humanoids

Wrath of the Lich King AoE Grinding Spots

Levels Zone Area Location Mobs Notes
67-69 Borean Tundra NW of Riplash Strand 43,74 Rhinos herds of Rhinos, skinnable, can get up to 10 or more if you pull to you, they are non aggressive except for the bull, skinnable
67-79 Borean Tundra NE of Warsong Hold 45,43 Rhinos herds of Rhinos, watch for elite wanderer, can get up to 10 in a pull, most are non aggressive so you have to hit them, skinnable
68-69 Howling Fjord Northeast of Niflevar 73,43 Shoveltusk These travel in herds throughout the entire zone you can probably get up to 9 per pull with range pulling, skinnable
69-70 Howling Fjord Ivald’s Ruins 77,47 Iron Rune Destroyers 3-7 per pull, they sit around the ridge, humanoids, there’s more south by Balegun’s Excavation that you can do if you run out
70-71 Howling Fjord Skorn 44,27 Winterskorn Warriors 2-6 per pull possibly more if you range hit them they are in groups of 2 attacking each other, humanoids
70-71 Borean Tundra The Flood Plains 61,56 Gorlocs There’s about 5-6 around each pull you can pull, keep running to the new pools to the north
70-71 Borean Tundra Scalding Pools 59,39 Wolves You can usually grab 4 at a time, maybe 5 if you play your cards right, there’s lots of them spread across these plains in the water, skinnable
71-72 Dragonblight Crusader’s Landing 72,81 Onslaught 3-6 per pull, there’s a pull of possibly 9-10 on the ship, humanoids
72-73 Dragonblight Onlsaught Base Camp 87,41 Onslaught 4-5 camps, as many as 10 per pull, humanoids
73-74 Grizzly Hills Silverbrook Hills 24,31 Conquest Hold Marauders 3-7 per pull, humanoids
74-75 Grizzly Hills Near Westfall Brigade Encampment 61,32 Highland Mustangs 10 per pull, there are several groups that run around in the area, skinnable
75-76 Sholazar Basin Swindlegrin’s Dig 34,46 Venture Co 3-7 per pull, humanoids
76-77 Sholazar Basin Sapphire Hive 60,78 Sapphire Hive Drones There are sets of 3 that fly around you can pull probably 3 sets to you and then other single mobs making your pulls pretty big
76-77 Sholazar Basin East of Frenzy Heart Hill 60,70 Hardknuckle Foragers There’s a pull of the white apes up to 10, they are non aggressive so you have to aggro, if you go further east you’ll run into more chargers up the hill, skinnable
79-80 Icecrown Savage Ledge 37,24 Mjordin Combatants There’s probably about 30 mobs here that you can almost get in one pull, be careful because they do a knockback on you, humanoids
80 Icecrown Malykriss: The Vile Hold 59,74 Skeletal Runesmiths There’s probably about 20 mobs you can pull in one pull and they have a short respawn of about 60 seconds, this area was nerfed so they give half experience, but it’s still pretty decent, undead
80 Icecrown The Broken Front 67,62 Undead You can get about 20 a pull here too but there’s no time for breaks or good spots to break so be careful, there are a lot of enemies all around, undead

Cataclysm AoE Grinding Spots

Levels Zone Area Location Mobs Notes
80 Mount Hyjal Nordrassil 64,22 Rock Elementals They fight guards but you can get about 6 if you pull the others to the guard ones and drop an AoE, there are more in the entire area
82 Deepholm Qartzite Basin 45,58 Rockslice Flayer Can probably get 5 per pull
82 Deepholm Stonehearth 29,72 Stone Trogg Ambusher These will be in combat against Stonehearth Defenders, but you can jump right in and drop an AoE on them getting up to 8 per pull, humanoids
83 Deepholm Verlok Stand 68,25 Verloks Up to 15 a pull, fast respawn, it’s best to have at least a healer with you, there are enough mobs up here to make group AoE grinding efficient
83 Uldum Sunstone Terrace 70,59 Crazed Diggers Was able to get a pull of 6, there’s a couple sets here I believe, humanoids
83 Uldum The Trail of Devastation 81,57 Cursed Surveyors 3-8 per pull, humanoids
83 Deepholm The Pale Roost 39,18 Opalescent Guardians You can get up to 6 per pull but don’t pull the big elite guys or you’ll be sorry, elementals
84 Uldum Temple of Uldum 33,25 Schnotzz Infantryman 3-4 per camp and sometimes a patrol can be pulled into the mix, humanoids
84 Uldum Obelisk of the Moon 39,20 Schnotzz Excavator 3-5 per pull, humanoids
84 Twilight Highlands Verall Delta 66,46 Water Elementals 3-6 per pull, used ranged weapon, drops volatile water
85 Twilight Highlands The Twilight Gate 41,67 Twilight Ettin Was able to pull 4 Twilight Ettin together, plus there are other mobs that can be pulled possibly up to 6 per pull, humanoids

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