AoE Embersilk Cloth Farming – 605 Embersilk an Hour

By far one of the greatest places to AoE Farm or Get Embersilk Cloth in general is Verlok Stand in Deepholm. Verlok Stand is located at approximately 68,25. The place you will be is ontop of the pillars where you’ll see large quantities of mobs within a small radius, probably 20 or so if no one is there.

There’s two different pillars full like this and then some. This makes for the best location to farm Embersilk Cloth simply because the respawns are very fast, within under a minute of killing all of the enemies they will respawn, if you kill fast enough you’ll find that you don’t have enough time to loot all of the corpses.

Using this location I was able to get Embersilk Cloth at a rate of 605 an hour. If done properly I bet 1000 an hour is possible. If you notice in the video I’m not pulling all of the enemies that I could be.

This location works best if it’s done with a partner or group, either the partner to heal help kill, but definitely someone to help loot is a bonus.

It is also advised that you have a Potion of Treasure Finding because it will allow you to loot small treasure chests off the corpses periodically.  As you can tell from the video this accounted for me getting an additional 17 pieces of Embersilk and 4 Pyrite Ore plus some random other stuff.

Below you’ll find exactly where Verlok Stand is located.

To see how this was done to give you an idea of what you’re up against, check out the video below:

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