Where to Farm Savage Leather – Farming Savage Leather

Where to Find Savage Leather – Updated for Patch 4.3 – Cataclysm

Leather:  Savage Leather
Zones to Farm:  Deepholm, Tol Barad, Tol Barad Peninsula, Molten Front, Twilight Highlands
Mob Levels that Drop Savage Leather:  81+ in Cataclysm zones

Farming Savage Leather in Deepholm

The Pale Roost in Deepholm is an excellent place to farm for Savage Leather.  You’ll be killing drakes for leather, basically stand in the area where the drakes are dropping down and kill them.  They will be elite but don’t concern yourself with this, they will die just as fast and easy as regular mobs.

Farming Savage Leather in Molten Front

The spiders in the Molten Front are great to farm for Savage Leather.  Since this is a questing area, the respawn rate is very good.  In order to gain access to enter Molten Front you’ll need to have completed introductory quests associated with traveling to the Firelands.  Take a look at this guide for more information regarding getting to Molten Front.  Also be aware that you cannot fly in this zone.

Farming Savage Leather in Tol Barad

Here you’ll skin crocolisks for loads of Savage Leather.  There is a trick to farming in this spot though, you’ll want to farm here when your faction has won and Swap Bait is a daily quest.  Remember you can’t fly in Tol Barad.

Farming Savage Leather in Tol Barad Peninsula

The spiders in The Darkwood are great to farm for Savage Leather.  Since this is a daily quest area you’ll get the benefits of a fast respawn rate and lots of already dead corpses from other players kills to skin.  Also, keep in mind that you can’t fly in Tol Barad Peninsula.

Farming Savage Leather in Twilight Highlands

In this area of Twilight Highlands you’ll be primarily killing owls, worgs, elk, and some gryphon.

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