Where to Farm Elementium – Farming Elementium

Where to Find Elementium Ore – Updated for Patch 4.3 – Cataclysm

Ore: Elementium Ore
Zones to Farm:  Deepholm, Twilight Highlands
Required Mining Skill:  475

Farming Elementium Ore in Deepholm

Deepholm is one of the best places to farm for Elementium Ore.  The route is simple, you basically can’t go wrong farming just about any area of this zone.  Keep in mind that you’ll likely run into Pyrite Ore nodes in this zone too.

Farming Elementium Ore in Twilight Highlands

Twilight Highlands is another great place to pick up some Elementium Ore.  It’s a level 84-85 zone, while Deepholm is slightly lower at levels 82-83, but it doesn’t really matter too much, just pick whichever one you like the best or have the best luck with.

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