Golden Lotus Reputation Farming – Fastest Way to Max Golden Lotus Reputation

This guide has nothing to do with doing the dailies for Golden Lotus although you should do them every day for sure to help max Golden Lotus Rep.

This guide is for farming Ancient Guo-Lai Cache Keys which can be used to open Ancient Guo-Lai Cache’s which are located in Guo-Lai Halls in the Northwestern part of Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

The keys are a rare’ish drop off all of the enemies you will be killing during daily quests for Golden Lotus except we will farm the keys off of them.  Opening each Cache will give you 550 Golden Lotus Reputation if you’re in a guild with Mr Popularity Perk, if you have the Reputation buff from being Revered with Golden Lotus you will get 1100 reputation per.

The key to these cache’s is that you can only access a few of them starting at honored when you have the quest The Secrets of Guo-Lai but you may only be able to get access to 2-3 or not be able to find any at all, it depends if anyone else has opened them recently or not.

When you get revered you’ll get a quest called Battle Spear of the Thunder King where you’ll have access to all of the Halls and Chests.

The keys themselves are a 1.5-2% drop, meaning you will kill 50-60 mobs on average before you see one.  So you should get at least 1 per hour on average which means you should gain about 550 rep per hour if you can find the chests.  It won’t be easy, but it’s the fastest way to max your golden lotus reputation, otherwise you’re stuck with just doing the dailies, but if you farm hard enough you can get exalted within 2-3 days for sure.

Here are some of the locations you can farm the keys at listing in order of preference by number.

Where to Farm Ancient Guo-Lai Cache Key

Here is a map of the halls and where I’ve seen the chests, you start at the bottom circle and make your way north, when you’re done you start over again until you get all the chests you need.

Guo-Lai Cache Map Golden Lotus Rep Farm

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