Mage Talent Guide

Cataclysm Mage Talent Builds

MageThe main strength of Mages is their ability to toss out loads of casting damage. Mages are great additions to groups in both PvE and PvP for this reason and because they contain unique abilities like Iceblock and Sheep, which can be useful to pull in PvE settings and to protect and distract in PvP settings. The three talent trees available to Mages are Frost, Fire, and Arcane. Each tree has talents dedicated to increasing damage and making Mages more potent and destructive enemies.

Below you will find a list of talent builds for Mages.

Spec Points Tree Roles Patch Ratingsort icon
Arcane 31-4-6 Arcane DPS 4.0.6
Arcane pve 35-5-3 Arcane DPS 4.0.6
Arcane Mage – Full PVP… 31-7-3 Arcane World PvP 4.3
Arcane Mage – Full PVE… 32-6-3 Arcane DPS 4.3
Frost Mage – Full PVP DPS 2-8-31 Frost Arena 4.3
Frost Mage – Full PVE DPS 3-7-31 Frost DPS 4.3
Frost PvP Arena / BG 7/3/31 Frost Arena 4.3
Best Cataclysm Mage DPS… 3-35-3 Fire DPS 4.0.3
Besst Arcane Mage Build 31-7-3 Arcane DPS 4.0.3
Arcane Mage Talent Build… 33-5-3 Arcane DPS 4.0.3
Arcane DPS 31-7-3 Arcane DPS 4.2
Frost PVE Raid Build 2-8-31 Frost DPS 4.2
Frost Pvp survivability… 1-9-31 Frost Battlegrounds 4.1
PvP/Dungeons 31-10-0 Arcane DPS 4.1
Learthion’s PvE… 5-33-3 Fire DPS 4.1
PvP Arcane (most fun so… 31-7-3 Arcane World PvP 4.1
PvP Arcane (most fun so… 31-7-3 Arcane World PvP 4.1
PVP Fire w/ some Frost 2-31-8 Hybrid Battlegrounds 4.1
Best Mage DPS Build 3-0-33 Frost DPS 4.0

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